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College Catalog: Library Learning Commons: Computer Use (Applies to patrons using their own computers and other electronic devices)

  • Each community patron needs to sign in at the circulation desk to use the computers and computer resources (i.e. the Internet).
  • Community patrons are to show his/her PDCCC library card (having signed the Library Code of Conduct Agreement).
    • Patrons who refuse to sign the Library Code of Conduct Agreement or to sign in when using our computers/computer resources will NOT be able to use the library’s computer equipment/computer services.
  • Children under the age of fourteen must be supervised by an adult.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted at the computer workstations. PDCCC students have priority over community patrons.
  • PDCCC students have priority over community patrons.
    • If all of the computers are being used and a PDCCC student is in need of one, a member of the library staff will request that the community patron who has been on the computer the longest forfeit their computer to the student.
  • Research and course-related activities take precedence over non-course-related activities.
  • Data files should not be downloaded to the hard drive.