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College Catalog: Library Learning Commons: Computer Use Enforcement Procedures

Students who violate the policy will be reported to the Vice-President of Instruction and Student Development for appropriate disciplinary actions, which will include but are not limited to:

  • Temporary restriction of the student’s access to the computers for a fixed period of time, generally not more than six months
  • Restitution for damages, materials consumed, machine time, etc. on an actual cost basis
  • Other disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Conduct Policy

LLC staff has the authority to limit the student’s use of the computers until the matter is resolved by the Vice-President of Instruction and Student Development.

All formal disciplinary actions taken under this policy are subject to the Student Grievance Policy.

Community patrons failing to abide by the VCCS computer use rules will result in loss of computer privileges; community patrons who wish to appeal suspension of privileges should contact the College Security officer. Security officers also have the authority to restrict access to the library commons.