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College Catalog: Policy on Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, And Stalking: G. Reporting Incidents

1. Members of the campus community who believe they have been subjected to any of these crimes should immediately report the incident to campus safety and security or local police. All emergencies or any incident where someone is in imminent danger should be reported immediately to campus safety and security/security or local police by dialing 911.

2. Whether or not a report is made to law enforcement, members of the campus community should report alleged violations of this Policy to the Title IX Coordinator during normal business hours. The Title IX Coordinator is solely responsible for overseeing the prompt, fair, and impartial investigation and resolution of complaints filed with the College. To help ensure a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation and resolution, individuals are encouraged to complete a Complaint Form, found in Appendix A. The written complaint will be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator. Although strongly encouraged, a complainant is not required to submit a complaint on the Complaint Form or in writing.

Paul D. Camp Community College Title IX Campus Resources

Title IX Coordinator:

Operations Manager
Room 106 Franklin Campus

Deputy Title IX Coordinator:

Dean of Student Services
Room 126G Franklin Campus

After normal business hours, members of the campus community should report alleged violations of this Policy to the Operations Manager.

3. There is no time limit for filing a complaint with the College. However, complainants should report possible violations of this Policy as soon as possible to maximize the College’s ability to respond effectively. Failure to report promptly could result in the loss of relevant evidence and impair the College’s ability to adequately respond to the allegations.