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Paul D Camp Community College will be closed Monday, May 27, 2019
in observance of Memorial Day

Events at the Workforce Center will go on as scheduled.

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College Catalog: Programs of Study: Program Electives

Many of PDCCC’s programs contain electives. An Elective is a non-developmental, semester credit hour requirement, which can be fulfilled with a course a student chooses to take from within particular group of courses such as science, social science, or humanities. PDCCC’s AA&S programs require Transfer Electives, which are courses for which a student can receive credit at the school to which he/she intends to transfer. PDCCC electives may not fulfill the general education requirements for other institutions or be transferable to every four year college or university. Before selecting electives, consult a PDCCC advisor and the transfer guide for your prospective transfer institution(s). Unless otherwise specified in a program of study…

  • “Humanities Elective” means a transferable course in Art, approved Communications Studies and Theatre courses,* Literature, Humanities, Foreign Language, Music, Philosophy or Religion.
  • “Social Science Elective” means a transferable course in Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Psychology, or Sociology.
  • “Natural Science (Lab)” means a transferable course in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Natural Science, or Physics that includes both lecture and laboratory sessions.

Students should choose electives that are related to their chosen area of training and are approved by their academic advisor.

*See academic advisor.