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College Catalog: Programs of Study

A Degree Program is a broadly structured curriculum leading to the award of an associate’s degree. PDCCC offers two types of degrees: The Associate of Arts and Sciences (AA&S) and the Associate of Applied Science (AAS). The AA&S is a transfer degree, ranging from 60 – 63 required semester credit hours, and is designed to prepare students with the first two years of a four-year undergraduate course of study. The AAS is a career and technical degree, ranging from 60 – 69 required semester credit hours, and is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce upon completion of the program. Required courses and electives, and associated semester credit hours, are listed for each program.

Degrees include one or more majors, some of which are further divided into specializations. A major is a grouping of 100 and 200-level courses that define a discipline or interdisciplinary specialty within a program. A specialization is an area of concentration within a major.

A Certificate Program (CERT) is a curriculum of study less than two years in length, consisting of between 30 and 59 semester credit hours. Required courses and electives, and associated semester credit hours, are listed for each program.

A Career Studies Certificate (CSC) program is a curriculum of study consisting of between 9 and 29 semester credit hours. Required courses and electives, and associated semester credit hours, are listed for each program.

The table below lists PDCCC’s programs alphabetically by award type and academic plan code.

Award Program Name Academic Plan Code
AA&S Business Administration 216
AA&S Education 624
AA&S General Studies 697
AA&S General Studies – Computer Science 697-02
AA&S Science 881
AAS Administration of Justice – Corrections Science 400-01
AAS Administration of Justice – Police Science 400-02
AAS Administrative Support Technology 298
AAS Administrative Support Technology – Word Information Processing 298-01
AAS Administrative Support Technology – Medical Office Administrative Assistant 298-03
AAS Early Childhood Development 636
AAS Industrial Technology 883
AAS Industrial Technology – Electronic/Electrical 883-02
AAS Industrial Technology – Electronic Controls 883-03
AAS Management – Computer Support Specialist 212-21
AAS Management – General Business 212-01
AAS Management – Marketing 212-04
AAS Management – Hardware and Software Support 212-18
AAS Mechatronics 736
AAS Nursing 156
CERT Clerical Studies 218
CERT Early Childhood Development 632
CERT Electricity 942
CERT General Education Certificate 695
CERT Practical Nursing 157
CSC Advanced Early Childhood 221-636-03
CSC Advanced Emergency Medical Technician 221-146-08
CSC Bookkeeping 221-212-03
CSC Building Maintenance 221-903-11
CSC Computer Support Specialist 221-299-09
CSC Customer Service 221-251-19
CSC Cybersecurity 221-732-09
CSC Early Childhood Development 221-636-01
CSC Electrical Technology 221-981-15
CSC Electronic Health Records System Engineering 221-285-78
CSC Emergency Medical Technician – Basic 221-146-01
CSC Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate 221-146-03
CSC Energy Technology 221-820-07
CSC General Business 221-208-14
CSC General Welding 221-995-01
CSC Geographic Information Systems Technology 221-719-71
CSC Hardware and Software Support 221-299-21
CSC HVAC 221-903-10
CSC Industrial Maintenance 221-990-00
CSC Industrial / Residential Wiring 221-883-65
CSC Industrial Automation and Robotics 221-733-03
CSC Infant Toddler (early childhood education) 221-636-05
CSC Instrumentation 221-938-21
CSC Leadership 221-212-13
CSC Logistics Management 221-370-01
CSC Medical Office Administrative Assistant 221-285-89
CSC Medical Office Coder / Reimbursement Specialist 221-285-90
CSC Nurse Aide 221-157-04
CSC Pharmacy Tech 221-190-08
CSC Phlebotomy 221-151-02
CSC Pre-Nursing 221-156-02
CSC Principles of Robotics 221-733-02
CSC Professional Welder – Pipe 221-995-79
CSC Small Business Management – Entrepreneurship 221-212-10
CSC Small Business Management Advanced 221-212-12
CSC Word Processing Technician 221-298-13

Electives and General Education Requirements
All of PDCCC’s associate degree programs require a minimum of 15 semester credit hours of General Education courses. General education, as an integrated and cohesive whole, provides the educational foundation necessary to promote intellectual and personal development. Upon completion of the associate degree, graduates of Virginia’s Community Colleges will demonstrate competency in student learning outcomes (SLOs) determined and assessed by each college in 1) civic engagement, 2) critical thinking, 3) professional readiness, 4) quantitative literacy, 5) scientific literacy, and 6) written communication. Collectively, these general education core competencies distinguish graduates of Virginia’s Community Colleges as individuals with a breadth of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to pursue further education and their careers, continue to develop as learners, and contribute to the well-being of their communities. These competencies are defined as follows:

Civic Engagement is the ability to contribute to the civic life and well-being of local, national, and global communities as both as social responsibility and a life-long learning process. Degree graduates will demonstrate the knowledge and civic values necessary to become informed and contributing participants in a democratic society.

Critical Thinking is the ability to use information, ideas and arguments from relevant perspectives to make sense of complex issues and solve problems. Degree graduates will locate, evaluate, interpret, and combine information to reach well-reasoned conclusions or solutions.

Professional Readiness is the ability to work well with others and display situationally and culturally appropriate demeanor and behavior. Degree graduates will demonstrate skills important for successful transition into the workplace and pursuit of further education.

Quantitative Literacy is the ability to perform accurate calculations, interpret quantitative information, apply and analyze relevant numerical data, and use results to support conclusions. Degree graduates will calculate, interpret, and use numerical and quantitative information in a variety of settings.

Scientific Literacy is the ability to apply the scientific method and related concepts and principles to make informed decisions and engage with issues related to the natural, physical, and social world. Degree graduates will recognize and know how to us the scientific method, and to evaluate empirical information.

Written Communication is the ability to develop, convey, and exchange ideas in writing, as appropriate to a given context and audience. Degree graduates will express themselves effectively in a variety of written forms.

Many of PDCCC’s programs contain electives. An Elective is a non-developmental semester credit hour requirement which can be fulfilled with a course a student chooses to take from a specified group of general education courses, and for some programs, courses in the student’s chosen area of training.

PDCCC’s Associate of Arts and Sciences degree programs require Transfer Electives; which are courses* designed for inclusion in a program intended for transfer. Students should note that PDCCC’s electives may not fulfill the general education requirements for other institutions or be transferable to every four year college or university. Before selecting electives, consult a PDCCC advisor and the transfer guide for your prospective transfer institution(s).

Courses that meet the minimum general education requirement in each degree program include:

  • Humanities/Fine Arts: a course in Art (includes Photography), Communications Studies and Theatre courses other than CST 100 Public Speaking/oral communication courses, Literature, Humanities, Foreign Language, Music, Philosophy or Religion. An introductory foreign language course may not be used as the only course to fulfill the humanities/fine-arts requirement in a program of study. Courses in basic composition that do not contain a literature component may not be applied to the humanities/fine arts requirement.
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences: a course in Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Psychology, or Sociology.
  • Natural Science/Mathematics: a course in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Natural Science, Physics, or Mathematics (except mathematics courses specific to allied health).

*PDCCC’s courses are listed below. The list also indicates which courses can be applied to a humanities/fine arts, social/behavioral science, or natural science/mathematics requirement. Courses that are specific to the disciplines/majors in PDCCC’s Associate of Applied Science degrees, Certificates, and Career Studies Certificates are not transfer courses. Courses applied to associate degrees to meet the minimum general education requirements, including any courses transferred from another institution or taken through Shared Services Distance Learning, must also meet the requirements stated above.

T = Transfer
N = Non-Transfer
D = Developmental
H/FA = Humanities/Fine Arts
S/B = Social/Behavioral Sciences
NS/M = Natural Science/Mathematics

Course Title Type General Education
ACC 110 Introduction to Computerized Accounting N  
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I T  
ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II T  
ADJ 100 Survey of Criminal Justice N  
ADJ 107 Survey of Criminology N  
ADJ 110 Introduction To Law Enforcement N  
ADJ 111 Law Enforcement Organization & Administration N  
ADJ 112 Law Enforcement Organization & Administration N  
ADJ 116 Special Enforcement Topics N  
ADJ 133 Ethics and the Criminal Justice Professional N  
ADJ 140 Introduction To Corrections N  
ADJ 145 Corrections and the Community N  
ADJ 171 Forensic Science I N  
ADJ 215 Report Writing N  
ADJ 227 Constitutional Law for Justice Personnel N  
ADJ 231 Community Policing N  
ADJ 234 Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism N  
ADJ 245 Management of Correctional Facilities N  
ADJ 247 Criminal Behavior N  
ADJ 248 Probation Parole and Treatment N  
ADJ 250 Global Concepts for Law and National Security N  
ADJ 295 Topics in Criminal Justice N  
ADJ 298 Seminar & Project in Administration of Justice N  
ADJ 298 Seminar & Project in Administration of Justice N  
AIR 111 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Controls I N  
AIR 121 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I N  
AIR 122 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration II N  
AIR 134 Circuits and Controls I N  
AIR 154 Heating Systems I N  
AIR 235 Heat Pumps N  
AIR 238 Advanced Troubleshooting and Service N  
AIR 293 Studies in HVAC N  
AIR 298 Seminar and Project N  
ARC 121 Architectural Drafting I N  
ART 101 History and Appreciation of Art I T H/FA
ART 105 Art in World Culture T H/FA
ART 121 Drawing I T H/FA
ART 122 Drawing II T H/FA
ASL 101 American Sign Language I T  
ASL 125 History & Culture of the Deaf Community T H/FA
ASL 220 Comparative Linguistics: ASL & English T H/FA
AST 101 Keyboarding I N  
AST 102 Keyboarding II N  
AST 113 Keyboarding For Speed and Accuracy N  
AST 141 Word Processing I N  
AST 147 Introduction to Presentation Software N  
AST 195 Customer Service N  
AST 195 Topics in AST N  
AST 205 Business Communications N  
AST 234 Records & Database Management N  
AST 236 Specialized Software Applications N  
AST 243 Office Administration I N  
AST 244 Office Administration II N  
AST 247 Legal machine Transcription N  
AST 253 Advanced Desktop Publishing I N  
AST 271 Medical Office Procedures I N  
BIO 100 Basic Human Biology N NS/M
BIO 101 General Biology I T NS/M
BIO 102 General Biology II T NS/M
BIO 141 Human Anatomy and Physiology I T NS/M
BIO 142 Human Anatomy and Physiology II T NS/M
BIO 149 Microbiology for Allied Health N  
BIO 150 Introductory Microbiology T NS/M
BIO 205 General Microbiology I T NS/M
BIO 256 General Genetics T NS/M
BIO 270 General Ecology T NS/M
BLD 111 Blueprint Reading and the Building Code N  
BLD 140 Principles of Plumbing Trade I N  
BLD 149 Carpentry I N  
BSK 1 Whole Numbers D  
BSK 41 Language Arts, Level 1 D  
BUS 100 Introduction To Business N  
BUS 108 Business Etiquette N  
BUS 110 Business Protocol N  
BUS 111 Principles of Supervision I N  
BUS 116 Entrepreneurship N  
BUS 117 Leadership Development N  
BUS 125 Applied Business Mathematics N  
BUS 149 Workplace Ethics N  
BUS 165 Small Business Management N  
BUS 193 Studies in Business N  
BUS 193 Studies in Logistics N  
BUS 200 Principles of Management N  
BUS 201 Organizational Behavior N  
BUS 205 Human Resource Management N  
BUS 221 Business Statistics I N  
BUS 223 Distribution and Transportation N  
BUS 234 Supply Chain Management N  
BUS 236 Communication in Management N  
BUS 241 Business Law I N  
BUS 255 Inventory and Warehouse Management N  
BUS 265 Ethical Issues N  
BUS 280 Introduction To International Business N  
BUS 285 Current Issues in Management N  
BUS 293 Studies In… N  
CAD 201 Computer Aided Drafting and Design I N  
CAD 151 Engineering Drawing Fundamentals I N  
CAD 241 Parametric Solid Modeling I N  
CHD 118 Language Arts for Young Children N  
CHD 119 Introduction to Reading Methods N  
CHD 120 Introduction to Early Childhood Education N  
CHD 145 Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children N  
CHD 146 Math, Science, and Social Studies for Children N  
CHD 164 Working with Infants and Toddlers in Inclusive Settings N  
CHD 165 Observation and Participation in Early Ch/Primary Settings N  
CHD 166 Infant and Toddler Programs N  
CHD 205 Guiding The Behavior of Children N  
CHD 210 Introduction To Exceptional Children N  
CHD 215 Models of Early Childhood Education Programs N  
CHD 216 Early Childhood Programs, School, & Social Change N  
CHD 265 Advanced Observation & Participation in Early Childhood Settings N  
CHD 270 Administration of Early Childhood Programs N  
CHD 298 Seminar and Project N  
CHI 101 Beginning Chinese I T  
CHI 102 Beginning Chinese II T  
CHI 201 Conversational Chinese (Mandarin) T H/FA
CHI 202 Conversational Chinese (Mandarin) II T H/FA
CHM 1 Chemistry D  
CHM 101 Introductory Chemistry I T  
CHM 102 Introductory Chemistry II T  
CHM 111 College Chemistry I T NS/M
CHM 112 College Chemistry II T NS/M
CSC 198 Seminar and Project T  
CSC 200 Introduction to Computer Science T  
CSC 201 Computer Science I T  
CSC 202 Computer Science II T  
CSC 205 Computer Organization T  
CSC 208 Introduction to Discrete Structures T  
CST 100 Principles of Public Speaking T  
CST 110 Introduction to Communication T  
CST 151 Film Appreciation I T H/FA
DIT 121 Nutrition I N  
DRF 120 Introduction To Graphic Representation N  
DRF 151 Engineering Drawing Fundamentals I N  
DRF 175 Schematics and Mechanical Diagrams N  
ECO 115 Understanding Our Environment: An Economic Introduction N S/B
ECO 120 Survey of Economics N S/B
ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics T S/B
ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics T S/B
EDU 100 Introduction To Education N  
EDU 190 EDU 190 – Coordinated Internship N  
EDU 195 Teacher Cadet, Part I N  
EDU 195 Topics in Education N  
EDU 195 Teacher Cadet N  
EDU 198 Seminar and Project N  
EDU 199 Supervised Study N  
EDU 200 Introduction to Teaching as a Profession T  
EDU 235 Health, Safety, & Nutrition Education N  
EDU 280 Technology Standards for Teachers N  
EDU 285 Teaching Online Program (TOP) N  
EDU 287 Instructional Design for Online Learning N  
EDU 295 Topics in Education N  
ELE 116 Electrical Construction Estimating N  
ELE 121 Electrical Circuits I N  
ELE 122 Electrical Circuits II N  
ELE 133 Practical Electricity I N  
ELE 134 Practical Electricity II N  
ELE 135 National Electrical Code – Residential N  
ELE 150 A.C. and D.C. Circuit Fundamentals N  
ELE 160 Power Controls N  
ELE 177 Photovoltaic Energy Systems N  
ELE 193 Studies In N  
ELE 216 Industrial Electricity N  
ELE 239 Programmable Controllers N  
ELE 293 Studies In N  
EMS 111 Emergency Medical Technician N  
EMS 112 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic I N  
EMS 113 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic II N  
EMS 120 Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Clinical N  
EMS 151 Introduction to Advanced Life Support N  
EMS 152 Advanced EMT Completion N  
EMS 153 Basic ECG Recognition N  
EMS 154 ALS Cardiac Care N  
EMS 155 ALS – Medical Care N  
EMS 157 ALS – Trauma Care N  
EMS 159 ALS – Special Populations N  
EMS 170 ALS Internship I N  
EMS 172 ALS Clinical Internship II N  
EMS 173 ALS Field Internship II N  
EMT 109 CPR for Healthcare Providers N  
ENE 104 Energy Industry Fundamentals N  
ENF 1 Preparing for College English I D  
ENF 2 Preparing for College English II D  
ENF 3 Preparing for College English III D  
ENG 111 College Composition I T  
ENG 112 College Composition II T  
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature T H/FA
ENG 131 Technical Report Writing I N  
ENG 211 Creative Writing I T H/FA
ENG 212 Creative Writing II T H/FA
ENG 236 Introduction to the Short Story T H/FA
ENG 241 Survey of American Literature I T H/FA
ENG 242 Survey of American Literature II T H/FA
ENG 250 Children’s Literature T H/FA
ENG 253 Survey of African-American Literature I T H/FA
ENG 267 The Modern Novel T H/FA
ENG 271 The Works of Shakespeare I T H/FA
ETR 113 D.C. and A.C. Fundamentals N  
ETR 114 D.C. and A.C. Fundamentals II N  
ETR 193 Studies in Engineering in Technology N  
ETR 193 Studies in Electronics Technology N  
ETR 203 Electronic Devices I N  
ETR 204 Electronic Devices II N  
ETR 221 Electronic Controls I N  
ETR 222 Electronic Controls II N  
ETR 273 Computer Electronics I N  
ETR 286 Principles and Applications of Robotics N  
ETR 293 Mini-Computers N  
FIN 107 Personal Finance N  
FRE 101 Beginning French I T  
FRE 101 Beginning French I T  
FRE 102 Beginning French II T H/FA
FRE 201 Intermediate French I T H/FA
FRE 202 Intermediate French II T H/FA
GEO 210 People & The Land: Intro to Cultural Geography T S/B
GEO 220 World Regional Geography T S/B
GER 101 Beginning German I T  
GER 102 Beginning German II T  
GIS 101 Introduction to Geospatial Technology I N  
GIS 102 Introduction to Geospatial Technology II N  
GIS 200 Geographical Information Systems I N  
GOL 110 Earth Science T NS/M
GOL 111 Oceanography I T NS/M
GOL 112 Oceanography II T NS/M
HCT 101 Health Care Technician I N  
HCT 102 Health Care Technician II N  
HCT 102 Health Care Tech II N  
HCT 115 Medication Administration Training N  
HCT 190 Coordinated Internship N  
HIM 106 International Classification of Diseases I N  
HIM 107 International Classification of Diseases II N  
HIM 110 Introduction to Human Pathology N  
HIM 141 Fundamentals of Health Information Systems I N  
HIM 142 Fundamentals of Health Information System II N  
HIM 151 Reimbursement Issues in Medical Practice Management N  
HIM 195 Topics in Health Information Management N  
HIM 195 Vendor-specific EHR Systems N  
HIM 254 Advanced Coding and Reimbursement N  
HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I T S/B
HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II T S/B
HIS 111 History of World Civilization I T S/B
HIS 112 History of World Civilization II T S/B
HIS 121 United States History I T S/B
HIS 122 United States History II T S/B
HIS 125 History of the American Indian T S/B
HIS 127 Women in American History T S/B
HIS 135 History of the Contemporary World T S/B
HIS 181 History and Theory of Historic Preservation T  
HIS 218 Introduction to Digital History T S/B
HIS 262 U.S History in Film T S/B
HIS 281 History of Virginia I T S/B
HIS 282 History of Virginia II T S/B
HLT 105 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation N  
HLT 109 CPR Recertification N  
HLT 110 Concepts of Personal and Community Health T  
HLT 116 Personal Wellness T  
HLT 122 Introduction To Alcohol Abuse & Control T  
HLT 130 Nutrition and Diet Therapy N  
HLT 135 Child Health and Nutrition N  
HLT 140 Orientation to Health Related Professions N  
HLT 141 Introduction To Medical Terminology N  
HLT 143 Medical Terminology I N  
HLT 144 Medical Terminology II N  
HLT 195 Resources for Lifelong Wellness T  
HLT 250 General Pharmacology N  
HLT 261 Basic Pharmacy I N  
HLT 262 Basic Pharmacy II N  
HLT 263 Basic Pharmacy I Lab N  
HLT 264 Basic Pharmacy II Lab N  
HLT 290 Coordinated Internship N  
HLT 295 Topics in Health N  
HLT 295 Calculations N  
HUM 201 Survey of Western Culture I T H/FA
HUM 202 Survey of Western Culture II T H/FA
HUM 211 Survey of American Culture I T H/FA
HUM 212 Survey of American Culture II T H/FA
HUM 220 Introduction To African-American Studies T H/FA
HUM 246 Creative Thinking T H/FA
IND 113 Materials & Processes in Manufacture I N  
IND 137 Team Concepts & Problem Solving N  
IND 165 Principles of Industrial Technology I N  
IND 166 Principles of Industrial Technology II N  
IND 193 Studies in… N  
IND 195 Topics in… N  
IND 265 Principles of Industrial Technology III N  
IND 266 Principles of Industrial Technology IV N  
INS 110 Principles of Instrumentation N  
ITD 110 Web Page Design I N  
ITD 132 Structured Query Language N  
ITD 210 Web Page Design II N  
ITE 55 Certification Preparation N  
ITE 101 Introduction to Microcomputers N  
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts T  
ITE 119 Information Literacy T  
ITE 130 Introduction to Internet Services N  
ITE 140 Spreadsheet Software N  
ITE 150 Desktop Database Software N  
ITE 160 Introduction to E-Commerce N  
ITE 170 Multimedia Software N  
ITE 180 Help Desk Support Skills N  
ITE 182 User Support/Help Desk Principles N  
ITE 200 Technology for Teachers (TSIP) N  
ITE 215 Advanced Computer Applications & Integration N  
ITE 293 Studies in ITE N  
ITN 101 Introduction to Network Concepts N  
ITN 102 Introduction to Networked Client Operating Systems N  
ITN 106 Microcomputer Operating Systems N  
ITN 107 Personal Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting N  
ITN 109 Internet and Network Foundation N  
ITN 110 Client Operating System (Specify Version) N  
ITN 112 Network infrastructure (Specify Version) N  
ITN 115 Windows 2003 Server (SER) N  
ITN 150 Networking Fundamentals and Introductory Routing – Cisco N  
ITN 195 Topics in Networking N  
ITN 260 Network Security Basics N  
ITN 261 Network Attacks, Computer Crime, and Hacking N  
ITN 262 Network Communication, Security and Authentication N  
ITN 266 Network Security Layers N  
ITN 267 Legal Topics in Network Security N  
ITP 100 Software Design N  
ITP 136 C# Programming I N  
ITP 165 Gaming and Simulation N  
ITP 170 Project Management N  
ITP 297 Cooperative Education N  
JPN 101 Beginning Japanese I T  
JPN 102 Beginning Japanese II T  
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I T H/FA
MCR 4 Learning Support for Quantitative Reasoning D  
MCR 6 Learning Support for Pre-Calculus I D  
MDA 207 Medical Law and Ethics N  
MDA 208 Medical Office Coding N  
MDA 209 Medical Office Insurance N  
MDA 210 Medical Office Software Applications N  
MDA 296 On-site Training in MDA N  
MDA 297 Cooperative Education N  
MDL 101 Introduction to Medical Lab Techniques N  
MDL 105 Phlebotomy N  
MDL 106 Clinical Phlebotomy N  
MEC 126 Computer Programming for Technologists N  
MEC 140 Introduction to Mechatronics N  
MEC 161 Basic Fluid Mechanics – Hydraulics/Pneumatics N  
MEC 230 Mechatronic Process Control N  
MEC 266 Application of Fluid Mechanics N  
MKT 100 Principles of Marketing N  
MKT 170 Customer Service N  
MKT 215 Sales and Marketing Management N  
MKT 216 Retail Organization and Management N  
MKT 220 Principles of Advertising N  
MKT 260 Customer Service Management N  
MKT 271 Consumer Behavior N  
MKT 276 International Marketing Management N  
MKT 282 Principles of E-Commerce N  
MKT 285 Current Issues in Marketing N  
MTE 1 Operations with Positive Fractions D  
MTE 2 Operations with Positive Decimals and Percents D  
MTE 3 Algebra Basics D  
MTE 4 First Degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable D  
MTE 5 Linear Equations, Inequalities and Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables D  
MTE 6 Exponents, Factoring and Polynomial Equations D  
MTE 7 Rational Expressions and Equations D  
MTE 8 Rational Exponents and Radicals D  
MTE 9 Functions, Quadratic Equations and Parabolas D  
MTH 121 Basic Technical Mathematics I N NS/M
MTH 126 Mathematics for Allied Health N  
MTH 133 Mathematics for Health Professions N  
MTH 151 Math For Liberal Arts I T NS/M
MTH 152 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts II T NS/M
MTH 154 Quantitative Reasoning T NS/M
MTH 155 Statistical Reasoning T NS/M
MTH 156 Elementary Geometry T NS/M
MTH 157 Elementary Statistics T NS/M
MTH 161 PreCalculus I T NS/M
MTH 162 PreCalculus II T NS/M
MTH 163 Precalculus I T NS/M
MTH 164 Precalculus II T NS/M
MTH 165 Finite Math N NS/M
MTH 173 Calculus With Analytic Geometry I T NS/M
MTH 174 Calculus With Analytic Geometry T NS/M
MTH 175 Calculus of One Variable I T NS/M
MTH 176 Calculus of One Variable II T NS/M
MTH 240 Statistics T NS/M
MTH 245 Statistics I T NS/M
MTH 246 Statistics II T NS/M
MTH 261 Applied Calculus I T NS/M
MTH 263 Calculus I T NS/M
MTH 264 Calculus II T NS/M
MTH 270 Applied Calculus T NS/M
MTH 271 Applied Calculus I T NS/M
MTH 272 Applied Calculus II T NS/M
MTH 273 Calculus I T NS/M
MTH 274 Calculus II T NS/M
MTH 285 Linear Algebra T NS/M
MTH 286 Discrete Mathematics T NS/M
MTT 1 Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) I D  
MUS 121 Music Appreciation I T H/FA
MUS 225 The History of Jazz T H/FA
NAS 125 Meteorology T NS/M
NAS 130 Elements of Astronomy T NS/M
NSG 100 Introduction to Nursing Concepts N  
NSG 106 Competencies for Nursing Practice N  
NSG 115 Healthcare Concepts for Transition N  
NSG 130 Professional Nursing Concepts N  
NSG 152 Health Care Participant N  
NSG 170 Health/Illness Concepts N  
NSG 200 Health Promotion and Assessment N  
NSG 210 Health Care Concepts I N  
NSG 211 Health Care Concepts II N  
NSG 230 Advanced Professional Nursing Concepts N  
NSG 252 Complex Health Care Concepts N  
NSG 270 Nursing Capstone N  
NUR 111 Nursing I N  
NUR 115 LPN Transition N  
NUR 135 Drug Dosage Calculations N  
NUR 136 Principles of Pharmacology I N  
NUR 137 Principles of Pharmacology II N  
NUR 170 Essentials of Medical/Surgical Nursing N  
NUR 180 Essentials of Maternal/Newborn Nursing N  
NUR 195 Topics in Nursing N  
NUR 195 Nursing Principles & Concepts Review N  
NUR 197 Cooperative Education N  
NUR 197 Cooperative Education N  
NUR 201 Psychiatric Nursing N  
NUR 202 Medical/Surgical Nursing I N  
NUR 203 Introduction to Mental Health Nursing N  
NUR 211 Second Level Nursing I N  
NUR 212 Second Level Nursing II N  
NUR 246 Parent/Child Nursing N  
NUR 254 Dimensions of Professional Nursing N  
NUR 295 Topics in Nursing N  
PBS 100 Introduction To Public Administration N  
PED 103 Aerobic Fitness I T  
PED 109 Yoga T  
PED 111 Weight Training I T  
PED 112 Weight Training II T  
PED 120 Yoga II T  
PED 189 Saltwater Fishing T  
PHI 220 Ethics T H/FA
PHI 226 Social Ethics T H/FA
PHI 227 Bio-Medical Ethics T H/FA
PHT 100 Introduction to Photography T H/FA
PHT 101 Photography I T H/FA
PHT 110 History of Photography T H/FA
PHT 231 Photojournalism I T H/FA
PHY 101 Introduction To Physics I T NS/M
PHY 102 Introduction To Physics II T NS/M
PHY 201 General College Physics I T NS/M
PHY 202 General College Physics II T NS/M
PHY 231 General University Physics I T NS/M
PHY 232 General University Physics II T NS/M
PLS 130 Basics of American Politics T S/B
PLS 211 U.S. Government I T S/B
PLS 212 U.S. Government II T S/B
PNE 116 Normal Nutrition N  
PNE 135 Maternal and Child Health Nursing N  
PNE 145 Trends in Practical Nursing N  
PNE 146 Fundamentals of Practical Nursing N  
PNE 151 Medical-Surgical Nursing I N  
PNE 152 Medical-Surgical Nursing II N  
PNE 157 Pediatrics N  
PNE 158 Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing N  
PNE 173 Pharmacology for Practical Nurses N  
PNE 174 Applied Pharmacology for Practical Nurses N  
PSY 201 Introduction To Psychology I T S/B
PSY 202 Introduction Psychology II T S/B
PSY 215 Abnormal Psychology T S/B
PSY 216 Social Psychology T S/B
PSY 219 Cross-Cultural Psychology T S/B
PSY 230 Developmental Psychology T S/B
PSY 235 Child Psychology T S/B
PSY 236 Adolescent Psychology T S/B
PSY 240 Health Psychology T S/B
PSY 245 Educational Psychology T S/B
PSY 270 Psychology of Human Sexuality T S/B
REA 100 Principles of Real Estate N  
REL 100 Introduction to the Study of Religion T H/FA
REL 195 Topics in Religion T H/FA
REL 200 Survey of The Old Testament T H/FA
REL 210 Survey of The New Testament T H/FA
REL 216 Life and Teachings of Jesus T H/FA
REL 225 Selected Topics in Biblical Studies T H/FA
REL 230 Religions of The World T H/FA
REL 231 Religions of the World I T H/FA
REL 232 Religions of the World II T H/FA
REL 233 Introduction to Islam T H/FA
REL 246 Christianity T H/FA
RUS 101 Beginning Russian I T  
RUS 102 Beginning Russian II T  
SAF 126 Principles of Industrial Safety N  
SAF 130 Industrial Safety – OSHA 10 N  
SDV 100 College Success Skills T  
SDV 101 Healthcare Professions T  
SDV 101 Orientation to Specific Disciplines T  
SDV 101 Health Care T  
SDV 101 Orientation to Education T  
SDV 106 Preparation for Employment N  
SDV 107 Career Education N  
SDV 108 College Survival Skills T  
SDV 110 Orientation to Teaching as a Profession T  
SDV 195 Topics in Student Development N  
SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology I T S/B
SOC 202 Introduction Sociology II T S/B
SOC 211 Principles of Anthropology I T S/B
SOC 215 Sociology of the Family T S/B
SPA 101 Beginning Spanish I T  
SPA 102 Beginning Spanish II T  
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I T H/FA
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II T H/FA
WEL 99 Welding – Supervised Study N  
WEL 117 Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting N  
WEL 123 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Basic) N  
WEL 124 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Advanced) N  
WEL 126 Pipe Welding I N  
WEL 127 Pipe Welding II N  
WEL 135 Inert Gas Welding N  
WEL 136 Welding III (Inert Gas) N  
WEL 141 Welder Qualification Tests I N  
WEL 146 Welding Quality Control N

Math Pathways

In 2017, the Virginia Community College System redesigned most of its mathematics courses. New courses, as well as “old” courses that were given new course numbers, were implemented at PDCCC in Fall 2017. They are included in this catalog. The table below shows the old course numbers, new course numbers, course name, and credit and pre/co-requisite information. Students who have already taken, and satisfactorily passed, an “old course” to meet program requirements do not need to take the course again under the new number.

Math Pathways Course Crosswalk (effective fall 2017)

MTH 163 MTH 161 PreCalculus I (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTE 1-9 Corequisite: MCR 6
MTH 164 MTH 162 PreCalculus II (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: Completion of MTH 161 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
MTH 166 MTH 167 PreCalculus with Trigonometry (5 cr.) Lecture 5 hours. Total 5 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTE 1-9 Corequisite: MCR 7
MTH 240 MTH 245 Statistics I (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hour. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTH 154 or MTH 161 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
MTH 242 MTH 246 Statistics II (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: Completion of MTH 245 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
MTH 271 MTH 261 Applied Calculus I (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: Completion of MTH 161 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
MTH 272 MTH 262 Applied Calculus II (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTH 261 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
MTH 273 MTH 263 Calculus I (4 cr.) Lecture 4 hours. Total 4 hours per week.

Prerequisite: Completion of MTH 167 or MTH 161/162 or equivalent with a grade of C or better Corequisite: MCR 263 (College option)

MTH 274 MTH 264 Calculus II (4 cr.) Lecture 4 hours. Total 4 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTH 263 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
N/A MTH 265 Calculus III (4 cr.) Lecture 4 hours. Total 4 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTH 264 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
MTH 285 MTH 266 Linear Algebra (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTH 263 or equivalent with a grade of B or better or MTH 264 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
MTH 291 MTH 267 Differential Equations (3 cr.) Lecture 3 hours. Total 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: MTH 264 or equivalent with a grade of C or better

MTH 151 & 152 were not redesigned, they are being replaced with MTH 154 (Quantitative Reasoning) and MTH 155 (Statistical Reasoning). MTH 121 has not be redesigned and will remain in the master course file until further notice.