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College Catalog: Safety and Security: Lost and Found Items

Items found on College grounds or in College Facilities should be turned into the respective security or admissions office on the Franklin, Hobbs or Smithfield Center facility. Items found on the Franklin or Regional Workforce Development Center grounds should be turned into College security in room 130D, 757-569-6721, of the main campus building. Items found on the Hobbs Campus should be turned into college security in room 107C, 757-925-6319. Items found on the Center at Smithfield should be turned into the admissions office, 757- 925-6340.

Individuals missing items may call the respective security/admissions office to determine if their missing article has been “turned-in.” College personnel will release missing items after a suitable description of the lost item is provided.

In the case of cash turned into lost and found a receipt will be issued to the individual turning in the money. After 30 days money if not returned to rightful owner will be returned to the individual turning in the funds.

The college accepts no responsibility for locating owners of lost property except where there is sufficient identification in or on the lost item to identify the owner. Owners will be notified by college email of found property. Unclaimed articles will be held for 90 days and if unclaimed after that point discarded or donated to a local charity.