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Paul D Camp Community College Hobbs Suffolk Campus will be closed Saturday, April 27, 2019

Dominion Energy will be performing repairs to a transformer located on the Suffolk Hobbs Campus Saturday April 27.

Power is expected to be shut down at the campus from 8:00 AM to Noon if the repairs go as planned.

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College Catalog: Student Grade Appeal

The purpose of the student grade appeal procedure is to provide equitable and orderly processes to resolve any contested grade assigned to a student at Paul D. Camp Community College.

Informal Procedure
Paul D. Camp Community College is committed to the principle that the evaluation of a student and the assignment of grades are the responsibility and prerogative to be exercised solely by the individual instructor. However, if a student feels that the final grade received in a course was unfair and/or inaccurately awarded, the student has an avenue of appeal. Students are encouraged to resolve the grade discrepancies with their instructor and/or the appropriate Division Dean on an informal basis. If the instructor agrees that an error was made, the instructor will submit the grade change form to the dean who will forward it to the Admissions and Records Office for action.

Formal Procedure
If grade conflicts cannot be resolved informally, the student may appeal to the Grade Appeal Committee. Grounds for a grade appeal are limited to two categories:

  • Grade assigned in a manner other than that listed in the course syllabus or as amended by the faculty member with appropriate notice, or
  • Grade assigned in a manner other than that used for the other students in the class.

The grade appeal must be submitted in writing to the Division Dean within ten (10) working days of the first day of classes of the next semester. The appeal must clearly indicate the reason for appeal. The dean will explain the entire grade appeal process to the student. The dean will forward the student’s written request for a grade appeal to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development within three (3) working days of its receipt. A copy of the student’s written request will be forwarded to the faculty member. The Vice President of Instruction and Student Development will appoint an Ad Hoc Grade Appeal Committee within three (3) working days of the receipt of the appeal and will instruct the Committee to elect a chair and schedule a hearing within ten (10) working days of its appointment. The Grade Appeal Committee will consist of the following: one student (chosen by the SGA), one counselor, one dean and two faculty members.

The Committee will determine the facts of the case by hearing separately from the student and the faculty member involved. The Committee may determine that the grade appeal is without merit and that the assigned grade should stand, or it may determine that the evidence presented is sufficient to warrant a grade change. If a grade change is warranted, the Committee will assign a letter grade that it deems appropriate. Decisions will be determined by a unanimous vote of the Committee members. The decisions of the Committee are final. The Committee will communicate its decision in writing to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development within three (3) working days of its initial meeting. The Vice President will notify the Dean of the Committee’s decision if a grade change is warranted and the Admissions and Records Office will enter the change as the Committee directs. Copies of the Committee’s decision will be sent by the Vice President to the faculty member and the student within three (3) working days.