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College Catalog: Tuition Assistance, Financial Aid And Benefits: Financial Aid Unofficial Withdrawals Refund Policy

At Paul D. Camp Community College, some students simply walk away from their classes without officially withdrawing either through the Admissions Office or via the Web. Therefore, in keeping with Federal Regulations, we run a report after grades post to capture this population and determine, if possible, at what point in the semester they last attended. We will follow the recommended VCCS Standard Business Process for Term Withdrawal, as published 7/26/05 or as amended. Therefore, our goal is to find unofficially withdrawn students for the purpose of calculating the Return of Title IV Aid (R2T4) amount due back to the Department of Education.


The last date of attendance can be used interchangeably with the last date of academically-related activity. The Department of Education lists academically related activities as including but not limited to: Class attendance; examinations or quizzes; tutorials; computer-assisted instruction; academic conference, advising, or counseling; completing an academic assignment, paper, or project; or attending a school-assigned study group. Therefore, an instructor may provide a date based on any of these activities. Placeholder date is a term used for a date that an instructor may choose to use instead of the actual date if the actual last date of attendance is unknown. Since PDCCC is not required to keep attendance, an instructor may choose from one of two placeholder dates to show whether or not the student earned an “F” or “U” grade (i.e. attended past the last date without academic penalty).

Official Withdrawals

This policy is not intended to be used for students who go through proper channels for withdrawing from classes. Those students will be processed as usual on a weekly basis, as noted above in the Title IV Refund Policy.


The College will run a report after grades have posted for the semester to find students with no passing grades, to determine if the students were still attending at least one class after the 60% point in time. Any students who were no longer in attendance in at least one class after the 60.01% point in time will have a R2T4 calculation performed. See Return of Title IV Aid Policy as well as VCCS Term Withdrawal A&R Business Process for further processing details. The College will also document the R2T4 calculation for students who show up on the query but did attend after the 60.01% point, to prove that aid was earned.

Policy Clarification

Date to use: When the last date of attendance is equal to or prior to the 50% date or is unknown, the 50% date will be used as the withdrawal date. When the last date of attendance is after the 50% date, the College will use the latest documented last date of attendance in any class that semester, or if unknown because the placeholder date was used, the College will use the 60.01% date.

Grades of Incomplete “I” or Repeat “R”:

Grades of “I” indicate that at least 60% of the class has been completed. Per VCCS guidance, we will not consider them non-passing for the purpose of finding withdrawn students, even though they are non-passing for SAP purposes. Grades of “R” are considered non-passing, per our Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP).

Since July 1, 2009, the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) has required all VSFAP state grants to have the Federal Return of Title IV Aid calculation to be applied to their funds in the same manner as described above. The percentage of aid earned calculation used in Federal funds will be applied to the State COMA and VGAP funds as well, and funds will be pro-rated down accordingly.