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College Catalog: Tuition Assistance, Financial Aid And Benefits: Veterans Benefits Application Procedures

All first time Veteran and Military Students, including Spouses and Dependents:

  • Apply online at the VA Website at – https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/apply#education
  • Apply online for Federal Pell Grant at – www.fafsa.gov (our school code is 009159)
  • Apply online for Admissions to College at – www.pdc.edu
  • See a College counselor to select Program of Study and required classes (except Chapter 31).
  • To be certified each term a class schedule and advisement transcript must be submitted to Certifying Official.

In addition, the following steps are required for each chapter as designated:

Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill

Eligibility Requirements: For individuals who served on active duty after July 1, 1985. Must have paid into an educational fund for one year ($1200).

  • Bring eligibility letter/application, DD214, and transcripts (if any) to Certifying Official.
  • Make certain that payment is made by tuition deadline. Advance Pay requests are available for new students if applying more than 30 days prior to start of term.

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Eligibility Requirements: Veteran or a service member awaiting a disability discharge with a VA combined service connected disability rating of 10 percent or more that is making it difficult to obtain work.

  • See Voc Rehab counselor instead of College counselor to select Program of Study and required classes.
  • To be certified each term a signed VA Form 28-1900 and class schedule must be submitted to Certifying Official.
  • If a veteran wishes to contact the VA Office in Roanoke the toll-free number is 1-800- 827-1000 or online: http://www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab/

Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill

Eligibility Requirements: For individuals who served an aggregate of 90 days of active duty service after September 10, 2001.

  • Before applying, ensure that you are not eligible for Chapter 30 benefits. If you paid into the Montgomery GI Bill, compare benefits before electing benefits. Chapter 33 election is binding and may not be changed once processed.
  • For spouse or child, be sure a Transfer of Entitlement request form is completed.
  • If you have attended any other college or university, complete a Change of Program/Place of Study form on VONAPP.
  • Bring eligibility letter/application, DD214, and transcripts (if any) to Certifying Official.
  • Make certain that tuition payment arrangements are secured. For new students, this may require completing a Chapter 33 Class Hold Request or Advance Pay Form or sufficient Financial Aid benefits.

Chapter 35 Survivors and Dependents/Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education (VMSDEP)

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Federal benefit-Spouse or child of a veteran who died or is permanently and totally disabled as the result of a service-connected disability.
  2. State benefit-If the Veteran was domiciled in Virginia when they entered the service, apply for VMSDEP which provides education benefits to spouses and children of certain military service members. Note: A Veteran’s 90-100% disability must have been directly caused by the Veteran’s involvement in: 1) military operations against terrorism; 2) a peacekeeping mission; 3) a terrorist act; 4) an armed conflict subsequent to December 6, 1941. The service connected disability cannot have been incurred during active duty that coincides with, but was not the direct result of, one of the listed events/missions.

Chapter 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill) Selected Reserve

Eligibility Requirements: A six year obligation in the Selected Reserve. Completion of Initial Active duty for training.

  • Bring Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD Form 2384 or 2384-1), and transcripts (if any) to Certifying Official.
  • To be certified each term a class schedule must be submitted to Certifying Official.

Chapter 1607 Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)

Eligibility Requirements: A six year obligation in the Selected Reserve. Called to Active duty after Sept 11, 2001 for 90 or more consecutive days.

  • Bring eligibility letter 22-0557, DD214 (if applicable), and transcripts (if any) to Certifying Official.

  • To be certified each term a class schedule must be submitted to Certifying Official.

Veterans Regulations

Most of the programs of study listed in this catalog have been approved by the Virginia State Approving Agency for the payment of Veterans Benefits. Veterans may visit the Financial Aid Office prior to enrollment to speak with a Veteran’s Certifying Official about information concerning program certification and for filing necessary VA forms for receipt of benefits.

Code of Virginia, section 23-7, 4:1 states that tuition may be waived for students of permanently disabled or deceased veterans of the United States Armed forces. Eligibility for such action shall be determined by the Division of War Veterans’ Claims.

Veterans need to be aware of the following rules concerning enrollment levels and monetary benefits:

  • The Veterans Administration makes all decisions concerning eligibility for Veteran Benefits, not the Certifying Official.
  • In degree and certificate programs, the total number of credit hours (courses numbered above 100 level, plus all developmental courses) determines the veteran’s enrollment status for 16 week sessions.
  • 12 credits = full-time
  • 9-11 credits = 3⁄4-time
  • 6-8 credits = 1⁄2-time
  • Less than 6 credits = 1⁄4-time
  • Veterans are certified according to actual start and end dates, therefore short session classes will be computed at different status rates than 16 week sessions. Short sessions, online classes, and hybrid (74A) courses do NOT count the same as full semester in-seat class sessions for VA purposes.
  • A veteran will only be certified in courses that count towards graduation for his/her program, as noted in the college catalog, plus necessary developmental courses.
  • A veteran may be paid for retaking a course previously failed, but not for a course that he/ she has passed and wants to take again to improve his/her grade, unless required at a higher grade for graduation, as noted in the college catalog.
  • Veterans who submit their discharge papers (DD214) will receive 2 credits for physical education (HLT/PED elective); therefore, additional HLT/PED courses are unnecessary and cannot be certified.
  • VA will pay benefits on “R” grades in developmental courses (courses numbers 1-9).
  • A veteran is allowed to make program changes and still receive benefits as long as the new program is more compatible to the veteran’s interest and desire
  • For pay purposes, if a veteran receives a “W” grade, the total number of credit hours will be reduced retroactive to the day the student withdrew from class, and may result in a debt to the Department of Veterans Administration
  • Excessive absences may result in dismissal from a course and adjustment of entitlement to benefits.
  • Most Veterans must call in each month to verify enrollment (1-888-GI-BILL-1) or may certify on the Internet at https://www.gibill.va.gov/wave/index.do
  • If a veteran has had prior educational training, his/her official transcripts must be received by the Admissions Office by the end of the second semester.
  • A veteran who plans to enroll at more than one school must pick which one they will get the degree from (primary school). All classes from the secondary school must apply to the degree at the primary school.
  • The Certifying Official must be notified when any changes are made to the original registration (e.g., drop/add and canceled classes). Failure to do so immediately may result in an overpayment or underpayment of benefits.
  • Please note that the final responsibility of making sure the correct courses are being taken lies with the veteran and not an advisor. When in doubt, ask the Certifying Official.

Pell Grant for Veterans

Veterans are encouraged to apply for the Federal Pell Grant at www.fafsa.ed.gov. These benefits do not conflict with most Veteran Education benefits. An online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed and submitted each school year to the Department of Education to determine eligibility for Pell Grant.

Maximum Federal Pell Grant eligibility has been granted for students whose parent or guardian was a member of the Armed Forces and died as a result of performing military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11/2001. This applies to students who were under 24 years old or who were enrolled in college at the time of the parent or guardian’s death. Student will have a zero EFC for Federal Pell Grant purposes. The Department of Education will make the final decision for eligible students.

Veterans Standards of Progress

Veterans are encouraged to read and familiarize themselves with the College Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policies outlined elsewhere in this Catalog. Students who have been Academically Suspended or Dismissed may not receive Veteran Benefits again until they have appealed both for re-admittance to the College, and for reinstatement of benefits through the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal process.