How to Access PDCCC Computers

  • You must know your MyPDCCC Username and Password in order to logon to the computer.
    • If you do not know your Username and Password, you will need to access MyPDCCC from the college webpage ( See a computer lab assistant for access or go to the library for access.
    • At MyPDCCC, click on “Look up your username and set your password.” Write down your username and remember your password.

Log in screen

If you have problems using the MyPDCCC look up, go to the college home page , click on CURRENT STUDENTS>>INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR STUDENTS>>MY ACCOUNTS FOR STUDENTS.

 The computer lab assistant is available to assist you. Check to lab doors for their hours.

 Logging into a campus computer

  • After reading the Acceptable Use Policy, click OK. Click on the next screen to open the dialog login box.  Log into Windows with your MyPDCCC user name and password.
  • Press the ENTER key
  • You should now be logged onto the computer.
  • IMPORTANT: When you finish your work, press the Windows Key (between the CTRL and ALT keys) and the letter C on the keyboard. The Charm Bar opens on the right of the screen. Click on Settings, Power, and Restart.

Screen for shutting down