My Accounts for Students

My Accounts

MyPDCCC, is used to view and access all your accounts with a single sign-on. You can access Blackboard, SIS, Gmail/email, and Library Resources (VIVA) through MyPDCCC.

You received your Username and Student ID (EMPLID) when you applied to the college. If you do not remember your account information, you can find it at MyPDCCC.

  • Click on MyPDCCC on the college homepage
  • Click on Lookup Your Username and set your password. Fill in the requested information without spaces, hyphens, dashes, or slashes
    • Enter your first and last names as they appear on official college documents (class rosters, business office receipt, student study list, transcripts, etc.), enter your birth date in the format shown (MMDDYY), and enter your SSN or Emplid
    • Current Students: If you have taken a credit class at PDCCC anytime in the last three years, your ID is available.
    • New or returning students: If you have NOT attended in the last three years or if you are a new student, complete an Application for Admission. Your ID will be available shortly after completing the online application for admission
  • Click on SEARCH to find your information
    • If your information is not listed, contact the HelpDesk (757.569.6762 or 757.925.6312)
    • The Lab Assistants at all college sites can also help you
  • The first time you login, you will be required to set your password and your security question
  • When you change your password – it is changed for all of your accounts (VCCS SIS, Blackboard and student email)
  • Once you have set your password, allow 10 minutes for the change to be accepted by all systems before attempting to sign on again
  • A page will appear with your username and Emplid. Please write down or print the information and keep in a safe place
  • You may now sign on and access all of your student accounts
  • Quick reference for MyPDCCC

Log on to MyPDCCC
* Click on MyPDCCC on the college homepage

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click the “Log In” button

Password Requirements:

  • New passwords must have at least eight (8) characters and not more than ten (10)
  • Your password must contain a combination of
    • at least one UPPERCASE letter,
    • at least one lowercase letter, and
    • at least one number (0-9)
  • Protect your account. Make sure that your password is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess
  • DO NOT share your password with ANYONE
  • To change your password:
    • Click on MyPDCCC on the college homepage
    • Login to MyPDCCC
    • Click on Change My Password
    • Enter your Current Password
    • Enter your New Password (twice)
    • Modify the security question and answer if you want
    • Click Next
  • Guide for Selecting a Password

Blackboard is used to access class content, tests, course syllabi, assignments and more. If you have questions about Blackboard or your online courses, call Shelia Hobbs (757.569.6739).

Things to remember about Blackboard:

  • It may take 24 to 72 hours after registering for a class to in your list of classes in Blackboard
  • If your course does not appear in 72 hours, please contact the instructor
  • Most instructors do not make classes available on Blackboard until the first day of class
  • Students are required to use the college assigned email as their official email address when communicating with an instructor
  • For more information : Distance Education

Email accounts are created for all students when they apply to the college. You MUST use this email account when communicating with instructors.

After logging into MyPDCCC, you will see a link for GMAIL (this is the college email). If you want to see your email address, click on the View My Information link.


  • Use SIS to add or drop a class, pay your tuition, update your personal student information, check grades, print or request transcripts, view your Financial Aid, make a payment, view your class schedule and more
  • Access SIS through MyPDCCC
    • Choose Self-Service
    • Student Center
    • Click the links for what you wish to view/update
  • You will be identified in SIS with an emplid.
    • An emplid is a number that uniquely identifies you and is not your social security number


Ethics Agreement
Students who use email and/or college computers are subject to the Information Technology Student/Patron Ethics Agreement of the VCCS.


  • Visit one of our computer labs and talk with a lab assistant

Call us:

  • Franklin Campus: 757.569.6762
  • Hobbs Suffolk Campus: 757.925.6312