Student Email

The Virginia Community College System uses Google Apps, a group of online applications that make communicating and collaborating at easier and more efficient.

Using email/GMAIL:

  • After logging into MyPDCCC from the college homepage, you will see a link for GMAIL (this is the college email)
    • If you want to see your email address, click on the View My Information link from MyPDCCC
    • You will not be able to access your email directly through Google
    • Student email accounts will be available within 24 hours of enrollment or application
  • Instructions on finding your ID
  • Student email FAQs

All students will be required to use the VCCS address as their official email address in Blackboard and to communicate with instructors. Students may elect to forward mail (at their own risk) from their official VCCS e-mail account to another (student-selected) e-mail system. Students who use the electronic mail services are subject to the VCCS Information Technology Student/Patron Acceptable Use Agreement.

Some of the features in your new email account:

  • Over 6 GB of storage.
  • Built-in chat to talk with friends, classmates, or family all from within your inbox.
  • Import contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Hotmail and others.
  • Incoming messages are automatically grouped to clean up your inbox.
  • Quick links allow you to get to your calendar or documents quickly without logging in a second time.
  • With your account you get a number of other tools.
    • Google Calendar: You can schedule your social and academic life, create personal calendars, invite friends to events, and set up meeting times with your classmates.
    • Google Docs is great for working on group projects. You can create a document or spreadsheet, share it with your classmates, and collaborate in real-time.
    • Google Sites is a way for you to easily and quickly create web sites for projects and class assignments by yourself and collaborating with others.
    • Google Talk: keep in mind that you can chat inside your email account. If you would like to use the Google Talk client to make voice calls or transfer files, you can download it at Talk.  All of these services are hosted online, so e-mail, documents, and calendars are always accessible from any computer.

As part of Google Apps for Education, students keep their school e-mail addresses rather than switching to Learn more about the Gmail service by visiting the Gmail Help Center at Google Support.

If your internet connection is through dial-up and email is slow, you can click on a link at the bottom of the email page labeled “Basic HTML”. This version of email might not be as fancy but should be faster.