Disaster training provides vital hands-on skills for students at Paul D. Camp Community College

Students in the Emergency Medical Technician and Nursing programs at Paul D. Camp Community College had the opportunity to put their skills to work during mock situations this week.
On Thursday, March 31, students experienced a “zombie apocalypse,” where the senior nursing students became exposed to a zombie virus.
“They worked to discover the origin of the disease during class time and were tasked with developing a comprehensive plan of action,” said Trudy Kuehn, assistant professor of nursing.
The following day, EMT and nursing students worked a mock tornado incident that occurred while the students were in the midst of a ball game.
“This caused multiple injuries and the students had to apply their knowledge to work this mass casualty incident,” said Kuehn. “Although they have some fun, too, with makeup and props for these situations, the drills provide vital training for the students so that they are better prepared during a real life emergency.”
According to Kuehn, the success of training sessions such as these is attributed to team work.
“The faculty, which included Jerry Griffith, emergency medical services program coordinator, and Lucy Little and Courtney Darden of the nursing department played a very big role in the planning and execution of the mass casualty incident,” she said.

Shal Biacsi and Emily SelfShal Biacsi infects Emily Self by biting her head during the zombie apocalypse.
Tatrona Hines and Michael DeanTatrona Hines, who has contracted the zombie virus, infects Michael Dean. In back: Denita Peele and Masako Keen are also in danger of getting the virus.
Stretcher EMTsFrank Land III, assisted by Amanda Pulley, EMS intermediate program instructor, take “victim” Diana Adjei out on a stretcher during the exercises at PDCCC.
headwound webJennifer McCoy, right, calls out to EMTs to quickly tend to her injured friend, Masako Keene, during the mass casualty incident.
Disaster eyewound Noah FaganNoah Fagan nurses a severe eye injury until help arrives.
Asthma AttackIn the midst of all the chaos, Candice Keyes has an asthma attack.