Encore Learning has evolved into new program at Paul D. Camp Community College

~latest enrichment series is for all adults~

Community Education Program Museum groupPenelope “Penny” Rhoads, from left, Edmond Hanrihan, Patricia Walker, Melba Holland, Dennis Roads, Ann Spence, Joan Gates, Tom Perry and Patricia Haley gather for a photo by the carved eagle figurehead from the USS Lancaster during a trip to the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News.
Paul D. Camp Community College’s Division of Workforce Development is offering a new, metamorphosed program that will replace the Encore Learning series for seniors.
According to Community Education Coordinator Melba Holland, there are two important differences between the programs.
“We are still offering an array of interesting sessions, along with some new ones,” she said, “but with the current program, we will not require membership fees and the program is open to adults of all ages.”
The Community Education Program includes lectures, field trips, social activities, workshops and courses. “People who want to improve skills, explore new ideas, and/or connect with other learners can choose from many different topics and customize their own program,” she said. She noted that there are other options listed in the catalog under “Program Extras” that have fees associated with them. “Many of those are larger trips that require transportation and sometimes meals, supplies and museum fees,” she explained. “This was something that was offered in previous years.”
Free sessions being offered include Movie Time, Understanding Opera, Technology classes and the Genealogy Club. There are many volunteer opportunities and also classes eligible to “test drive,” meaning you can visit, meet instructors and decide if the free course is for you before registering.
Some of the sessions that require fees are a lecture by local author Gaynelle Riddick, Chair Yoga, Spanish and Brushstrokes classes, and kayaking. “You can register for as many classes or workshops as you want,” Holland said.
Many organizations partner with Camp’s Community Education Program in order to offer quality enrichment opportunities. “Collaborations like these are the foundation of the program’s success,” said Holland. “We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with them.”
Classes start in September. For more information about Camp’s Community Education Program, contact Melba Holland at 757-569-6062 or mholland@pdc.edu. To view fall 2019 program offerings catalog, visit www.pdc.edu/workforce-development/community-education/.