Gleason, Mary Ellen

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Name: Mary Ellen Gleason

Title: English Adjunct

Department: Academic Programs

Campus: Franklin

Office Location: 117 B

Phone: 757.569.6740



I have a passion for teaching my students the writing process and helping them discover the writer inside themselves. We will be studying ENG 111 from a classical approach. The study of rhetoric helps to open our eyes to the elements of good writing that is persuasive and effective.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in English; however, my love was journalism. I was fortunate after college to find a job in public information and wrote continually providing news releases, scripts for various publications, training programs, and many other forms of writing. I gave up that dream job to become a full-time mother. As a young mother, I discovered homeschooling as an option to educate my children. I loved homeschooling my children and have many fond memories of those years.

Eventually, I returned to the workforce at a local community college; and due to my interests, I applied to graduate school at Old Dominion University. From ODU, I obtained a M. S. Ed. and a graduate certificate in Professional Writing. It was during my graduate studies in English that I discovered rhetoric and its place in classical education as part of the trivium. As a result of those studies, I teach freshman English from a classical perspective. The trivium and quadrivium have been a part of classical education for hundreds of years. Basically, these studies became the liberal arts, which are the foundation of higher education. Consequently, I stress rhetoric and grammar in the first semester of college English; and I stress dialectic skills in argument and grammar for the second semester of college English.

Using language in a post-modern culture has many challenges. There are principles that can guide students to take a more objective view. Hopefully, teaching college English from a classical perspective will help students with critical thinking skills that will aid them in their academic programs, the workplace, and even their personal lives.

I can be reached at 757-569-6740 or emailed at I love answering questions and talking with homeschool parents.