Lorenz, David

David Lorenz
Name: David Lorenz

Title: Electronics / Robotics Instructor

Department: Electronics / Robotics

Campus: Franklin

Phone: 757.569.6745

Email: dlorenz@pdc.edu

Introduction: Mr David Lorenz graduated from Regents University in New York, with a Bachelor of Science degree and from Old Dominion University with a Master of Science decree in Occupational and Technical Studies. Before joining PDCCC he worked for Chesapeake Public Schools at Grassfield High School where he served as Department Head for the STEM Program was the advisor for both TSA and VEX robotics, and taught physics electronics and power and transportation. Mr. Lorenz also worked with Tidewater Community College as an Adjunct Instructor teaching mechanical engineering courses Additionally, he served 20 years In the US Navy with his last post being in the Curriculum instructional Standards Office at Fleet Command Training Center m Virginia Beach. In his duties as an Electronics, Electricity, & Robotics Instructor. Mr Lorenz will, in part oversee, develop, and maintain a comprehensive safe program, create and implement a Mechatronics AAS program, collaborate with local industry assist students and faculty in using electrical and mechanical training equipment and related software. and teach a variety of electrical, mechanical and robotic classes