Wiggins, Douglas

Doug Wiggins

Name:  Douglas Wiggins

Title:  Welding Instructor

Department:  Welding

Campus:  Paul D. Camp Community College

Office Location:  136B

Phone:  757.569.6761

Email:  dwiggins@pdc.edu


My name is Douglas Wiggins and I am currently an adjunct faculty member for the welding program at Paul D. Camp Community College, Franklin Campus.  While attending college I worked for Newport News Shipyard, where I retired after 39 years of service.  During my employment at the Shipyard I advanced my career to a welding supervisory position.  I served two proud yeas in the United States Army as a Missile and Atomic Warhead Specialists.  In addition to my current teaching position at Paul D Camp, I serve as a member of the Community Electric Company Board.