Distance Education for Faculty

Distance Education at Paul D. Camp Community College offers faculty the convenience of utilizing the Internet, and Blackboard online courseware to deliver instruction to students any time and any place.  Paul D. Camp provides online teaching faculty with various technological tools in order to deliver instruction that has equal quality to the traditional face-to-face courses.  Additional faculty at Paul D. Camp have access to teaching resources, software applications, and training opportunities to help them to feel connected to their students through the design and content development of courses. Online teaching Faculty at Paul D. Camp maintain a quality online teaching presence that supports the college’s desire to maintain a Distance Learning Program that gives all learners an opportunity to pursue holistic academic credential that supports “Success Without Boundaries.”  

For instructional design support or the integration of technology into your online courses, and for Blackboard technical support please contact Zakary Wade at zwade@pdc.edu or 757-569-6718.

Blackboard How-To & Tutorials for Faculty

Check back soon for a revised materials on how to do specific tasks in Blackboard. If you currently have any questions, please refer to the training documentation that was distributed at the various training sessions. You may also refer to the Distance Education button found in all of your Blackboard course shells.