Instructional Equipment Request for Faculty and Staff

Mobile Computer Lab (MCL) Policy and Procedure (Fall 2012)

The Mobile Computer Lab (MCL) is available for on-site use only. Laptops are not to be distributed singly; they are to be used as a unit for instruction.

Instructor’s Role

  1. Request mobile computer lab through Schooldude. (see Instructional Equipment Request Procedure located on the Library home page or under Faculty and Staff on the College’s home page)
  2. Meet with the College personnel responsible to distribute the MCL prior to retrieving the carts to be sure instructors are familiar with the policy and procedures.
  3. Instructors are responsible for the MCL when it is in their possession.
  4. Moving the cart to and from its storage location; the storage location for Franklin and Suffolk is the library; the storage location for Smithfield is room 208. (You may need assistance with moving the cart.)
    • Locking and unlocking the MCL; the combination to the padlock will be provided if the cart is being used for more than one session during the day or if the instructor is retrieving/returning the cart after regular business hours (contact maintenance, if needed).
      • Evening Contact Phone Numbers
        • Franklin: 757.651.8302; 757.630.8071
        • Suffolk: 757.377.9572
        • Smithfield: 757.925.6343

      The cart should be locked when not actively being used.

      • Ensuring the users are aware of the Guidelines for Respectful, Responsible, and Ethical Use and Care of Laptops.
      • Filling out the Laptop Signout Sheet.
      • Making the staff aware of any problems/issues/concerns with individual laptops or the MCL when the equipment is returned.
      • Plugging in each laptop to the cart so it can recharge.
      • Returning the MCL to its storage location.
      • Plugging the cart in when it reaches its storage location.
      • Leaving the Laptop Signout Sheet(s) on top of the laptop cart when the MCL is returned.

User’s Role: Guidelines for Respectful, Responsible, and Ethical Use and Care of Laptops

  • Only use the laptop assigned by your instructor.
  • No food or drink near the laptops.
  • Make sure your hands are clean.
  • Use care when handling the laptops (carry with two hands, open and close the laptop carefully, type gently on the keyboard, refrain from touching the screen, do not insert things into the openings of the laptop).
  • Do not download anything without your instructor’s permission; all downloaded files will be erased when the laptop is restarted.
  • Save materials to your own flashdrive; materials saved on the computer will be erased when the laptop is restarted.
  • Properly shut down the laptops before returning them to the laptop cart.
  • Using the laptops is a privilege, not a right. This privilege can be revoked.

Instructional Equipment Request Procedure:

  1. Go to PDCCC website (
  2. Click on Faculty & Staff.
  3. Click on Information Technology for Staff
  4. Click on Schooldude
  5. Click on the Schooldude link (Follow instructions on the web page and complete request according to the Schooldude Example).
    • For Step 5, please include as many details as possible to be sure you receive the correct equipment. Details to include:
      • The type of equipment you are requesting
      • Date(s) the equipment is needed
      • Location where equipment will be used
      • Time the equipment will be picked up
      • Time the equipment will be returned
      • Contact information (email and/or phone numbers)
  • Equipment consists of: mobile computer labs (MCL), projectors (digital), laptop computers, tablet computers, Apple iPads, Apple iPod Touch, TVs, DVD players, VCRs, ELMO document viewers, cameras, video camcorders, tripods, portable screens, GPS units (college related travel only), computer speakers, presentation pointers, overhead projector (transparencies), cassette recorders, slide projectors, multimedia carts, AV carts, flip charts, extension cords, etc.
  • Two business days advanced notice for equipment requests is required.
  • Faculty members take priority when requesting the use of the mobile computer labs.

You will receive notification through Schooldude when your request has been submitted, a confirmation notice when it has been approved and added to the appropriate equipment calendar, and a completion notice when equipment has been returned and checked in.