Reserve a PDCCC Vehicle

A person needing to reserve a college vehicle should use either OWA or Outlook Client on their desktop to make the request. When you schedule the use of the vehicle, you will receive a reply letting you know that the request has been accepted or declined. If it is declined, the email will tell you who has reserved the vehicle for that time.

Your email request MUST be made from YOUR calendar and include the date and  time the vehicle is needed, and the distance that will be traveled. Detailed instructions are shown in the links at the bottom of this page.

If you feel that your request is more urgent than the person who currently has the vehicle requested, you will the contact the person who currently has it reserved and ask them to cancel their reservation.

Vehicles are named:

#Franklin Nursing Van      #Franklin Van
#Franklin Impala (President)      #Franklin Workforce Van
#Franklin Blue Focus       #Franklin Robotic Van
#Hobbs Large Van      #Hobbs Small Van

Reserve a vehicle from Outlook(printable PDF)

Reserve a vehicle using OWA (printable PDF)