OWA for iPad

OWA for iPad app allows you to see/use your mail, contacts, and Outlook calendars. You will want to set up any shared calendars in your Outlook or OWA in order for them to show on your iPad.

  • Open the App Store
  • Search for OWA for ipad and download
  • Open the app, filling in your information
  • Open the mail
  • At the bottom left you will see an icon that allows you to switch between mail, contacts, and calendars

PDCCC OWA iPad icon

  • Touching the icon opens the screen for you to choose mail, contacts, or calendar

pdccc owa mail icon

  • When calendar is open, touch the >> to show your calendars. Check the one(s) you wish to view

pdccc OWA ipad calendar

  • Screen view after >> has been checked

pdccc owa ipad open calendar