Using Your iPad in the Classroom

AirPlay, which is a part of the IOS of an iPad, allows one to display the iPad screen on any computer that has Apple AirServer loaded. They must be on the same WiFi in order to work.

The following two things are required in order for AirPlay to work on the iPad:

  • The classroom computer must be connected to the Open WiFi of the college (if it is connected to the Internet, then it is automatically connected to WiFi)
  • AirServer MUST be loaded on the classroom computer and started (look for the small black icon circled below)

PDCCC airserver icon

Using AirPlay

  • Log into the iPad
  • If it connects to the Internet, then it is connected to the college WiFi
  • Swipe upward from the bottom of the screen to see the iPad navigation and AirPlay icon

pdccc airplay

  • Open AirPlay and select the computer name for the room you are in

pdccc computer name

  • Be sure Mirroring is moved to the right side. This allows for the computer to mirror the iPad screen
  • If the ceiling projector is not on, turn on the projector
  • The iPad screen can now be seen on the screen in the classroom