Outlook Signatures

How To For PDCCC Outlook Signatures

  • Highlight and copy the information below. You will change it to reflect your personal information in your signature.

    Your name
    Position Title
    Paul D. Camp Community College
    College address (do not use POB)
    email| (O) 757-555-5555 |(F) 555-5555| (C) 555-5555
    QEP at PDC “15 to FINISH: Your TICKET to SUCCESS!”
    PDCCC Logo

  • Open and log into Outlook
  • Open a New Email
  • Select Signature, Signatures
  • Select your current work signature and delete it.
  • Select New
  • Give it a name EX: Work . Click OK
  • Click inside the area for the signature, press your Enter key a couple of times. This will allow room between the body of your emails and your signature in your documents.
  • With the cursor sitting where you would like for the signature to start, right click with your mouse and Paste. You may also use CTRL + V to paste.
  • Change the information to be your personal info.
  • Click Save
  • Create the Reply signature (if you have one, delete it)
  • Select New
  • Give it a name EX: Replies
  • In the Signature area, come down two spaces
  • Change the font to Calibri, size 11
  • Key your name
  • Key your title and phone number
  • Save the reply signature
  • At the top right of the screen, select which signatures will be used with new messages and replies/forwards.
  • SAVE and click OK. The signatures will be applied with the next emails.

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