Telephone System

PDCCC uses the VCCS state managed Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system and voice mail systems. The VoIP system provides significant savings for the college by using the network to route calls across Virginia.

To make a local call including 911, dial 9 and the seven digit number. Dialing the 9 takes you to the local Verizon telephone network. At this point, you are not in the VCCS voice over IP network.

To make a long distance Virginia call, dial only the area code and the number. Do NOT dial the 9. This keeps you in the VCCS voice over IP network which does not cost the college anything. For instance, if you make a call to Richmond, the call travels out of the college network through a router to the VCCS network in Richmond. It then goes out of the VCCS network in Richmond to their Verizon telephone network as a local call.  As a result there is no cost the college.

If you make a Virginia long distance call by dialing 9, the area code and the number, you are now on the Verizon telephone network and the college will be charged Verizon long distance telephone charges.

If you hear a fast busy when dialing a Virginia long distance number over the voice over IP network, please submit a SchoolDude help desk ticket stating who you were trying to contact, the telephone number and use the problem type of Telephone Services. VCCS network engineers can help us resolve these dialing issues. 

If you need to make an out of state long distance call, dial 9, the area code and the number. Verizon long distance charges will occur.