Windows 8

A new environment. What do you need to know immediately?

  • There are two distinct environments in Windows 8:
    • Start Screen where you find both the Window Store Apps, such as Photos, live news feed, etc , and your regular programs.
    • Desktop Screen is similar to all previous versions of Windows. The Desktop has the taskbar which is easy to pin applications that are frequently used, such as Word, Excel, Outlook.
    • Switch between these two screens by using the Windows Key on your keyboard (located between the CTRL and ALT keys).
  • Your college email account IS a Microsoft Account. Use it for logging into any screen that asks for your Microsoft Account.
  • The Start Button has been replaced by the Start Screen. The tiles on the screen are all of your programs and apps that before were listed under the Start Button. Double click on any tile to start the application/Windows Store app.Tiles on Start Screen
  • Sleep, shut down, restart by using the new Charms Bar, Settings tool, and clicking on Power. The Charms Bar is hidden during normal screen use on the right side of the screen. Access the Charms Bar by dragging the mouse cursor to the top right corner or bottom right corner of your screen, OR use the Windows Key + C.Charms Bar
  • Lock the screen, log off, or switch users by clicking on your name on the Start Screen.
  • Find any loaded Windows App (referred to as Windows Store Apps) or program from your Start Screen by keying in the name. With your cursor sitting ANYWHERE on the screen, start typing and the program name/app will pop up. Double click to start the program/app.
  • Pin your favorite tiles (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc) to your Desktop taskbar for easy opening by right clicking on the Start Screen tile, and selecting Pin to Taskbar.
  • To close a Windows App such as Photos (apps display at full screen and you do not see a close option), move your cursor to the top of the screen where it turns into a hand. Holding down the left mouse button, pull the hand to the bottom of your screen. When the app disappears at the bottom, it is closed.
  • IE 10 tile located on the Start Screen is the metro version of IE. It is quick browsing for simple sites. It does not include Flash Player, Silverlight, or other add-ins, including toolbars. In metro mode printing and emailing a page must be done using the Charms Bar.
  • IE 10 Desktop version is your full service Internet Explorer.
  • Drag your cursor to the bottom left of the screen, when the Start Screen appears, RIGHT click to see what is called the Switch List. This includes direct access to File Explorer, Control Panel, Command Prompt, etc.

Windows 8 Switch List

  • Your new best friend….the Windows Key to switch between the metro Start Screen and Desktop, and the Windows Key + C to access the Charms Bar.Picture of Windows Key