Windows 8 Introduction

Getting Started

After reading the Acceptable Use Policy, click OK. Click on the next screen to open the dialog login box.  Log into Windows with your PDCCC network account.

  • If you are in a student lab, you may log in with your myPDCCC user name and password. This log in gives you the same screen that students see. If you are in a student lab and wish to see your home folder, you will need to use pdccc_main\username.  Ex.  Pdccc_main\pchowej

The Start Screen

Tiles on the Start screen provide access to apps, pinned files, and more. To find an application not shown on the Start Screen, start keying the name of the application and the name will pop on the screen. Double click on the name to start the application.Tiles on Start Screen

To Return to Start Screen

Press the Windows Key (between Ctrl and Alt keys)Picture of Windows Key

Windows Charms Bar

New to Windows. Hidden on the right side of the screen. Gives access to Search, Share, Start Screen, Devices, Settings based on the open application. Open with Windows Key + C or drag cursor to top right corner or bottom right of the screen.

Charms Bar Charms Bar Functions Based on Open Application or Windows Store App

Search:   Search for files, apps, or within apps, such as images within the photo app.

Share: Share between Windows Store Apps, similar to copy and paste

Start: If on the Desktop it takes you to the Start Screen. If on the Start Screen, it takes you to the Desktop.

Devices: Interact with connected devices, such as a printer. Can print Windows Store Apps. Desktop application (Office) print the regular way.

Settings: Access some global and app-specific settings, based on what app you have open.

Desktop Apps vs. Windows Store Apps

Store apps run in full-screen mode (close by taking cursor to top of screen where it turns into a hand, pull down to bottom of screen). Example would be the Photo app. Desktop apps are Word, Excel, Quickbooks, etc.

Accessing the Desktop

The desktop can be used to work with Desktop Apps and features a desktop taskbar with functionality similar to previous versions of Windows.

  • On the Start Screen, click on the Desktop Tile OR Windows Key + DDesktop Tile

To locate other apps

To access all apps, right click anywhere on Start Screen, click All Appsall apps


Search for an app from the Start Screen by starting to type the name of the app


From the Charms Bar (Windows Key + C) click on Search and key in the app name.


Accessories (Calculator, Notepad, etc)

Right click on Start Screen, choose All Apps, key the application, Click on the accessory you want to use. Example shows options that appeared when the letter C was keyed on the screen.

Top 8 Things You Need to Know

  1. There are two environments in Windows 8: the Desktop, which is similar to the desktop of previous Windows versions, and the Windows Store App environment.
  2. Click a Start Screen tile to launch both Desktop and Windows Store Apps. Return to the Start screen by pressing the Windows Key on the keyboard, or clicking at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Move between the Desktop and Windows Store Apps by pressing the ALT key + Tab, or drag the cursor to the bottom left of the screen and click on the Start Screen that appears.
  4. Close a Windows Store App by moving the cursor to the top of the screen. When it turns to a hand,  drag from the top of screen to bottom, or pressing ALT + F4
  5. To access all apps: right click anywhere on the Start Screen and choose All Apps that appears at the bottom right.
  6. When you right click tiles, you may see a checkmark (on the Start Screen), this indicates it is selected. Note the choices at the bottom to pin the app to the Start Screen or to the Desktop taskbar.
  7. Access your documents through the appropriate app by Pressing Windows Key + E, or clicking on the File Explorer/Computer folder from the Desktop taskbar.
  8. Use the Search Charm to search for files, apps, or within apps.

Shut Down or Sign Out

Shut Down: open Charm Bar and choose Settings, Power, Shut Down or Restartshut down

Sign Out, Lock, or change user: Click on your name from the Start Screen and choose function you want.

Printable pdf Getting Started