Outside Scholarship Searches

Virginia Community College Scholarships Apply for scholarships from the VCCS online.  Paul D. Camp Community College students have won the Kathy Camper Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship and the Valley Proteins Fellowship in previous years.

iGrad scholarship searches are offered as a free resource to PDCCC students and alumni.  Create login and click Tools to begin search

Financial Aid Web Resources Disclaimer

We offer links to other sites for informational purposes only. Students should be aware that the information found at links to other sites “outside” of the PDCCC website is not within our control, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. In the wide world of financial aid, information can change at any time.

Prevent Financial Aid/Scholarship Fraud

Students Beware! Don’t fall prey to scams!  Do not pay to file for Financial Aid or scholarships, as this is one sign of a scam.  Perpetrators of financial aid fraud scams often use these telltale lines:

  • The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.
  • You can’t get this information anywhere else.
  • I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.
  • We’ll do all the work.
  • The scholarship will cost some money.
  • You’ve been selected by a ‘national foundation’ to receive a scholarship or ‘You’re a finalist’ in a contest you never entered.

Outside Scholarships

There are many ways to search for additional scholarships. The quickest and easiest way is to use the Internet. Be aware that many scholarships are college-specific, and require the recipient attend the college that awards the money.

In addition to Internet searches, other resources include :

  • employers
  • churches
  • local civic organizations
  • large books available in the public library
  • for high school students, guidance counselors have information on local  scholarships, including PDCCC’s scholarships that are available for graduating seniors.

Free Internet Scholarship Search Engines

We recommend students create a dedicated email address using a free email service, since these searches usually return a lot of responses to your inbox. Additionally, please use a “professional” sounding email address, to increase your chances of winning.

Start a free college scholarship search here. Two ways to search: by key word or by creating a profile. Some results will be college-specific, so read carefully.

Many thousands of scholarships, in hundreds of fields, are awarded each year. FastWeb is the Internet’s first, largest and fastest free scholarship search service, providing many helpful tips for scholarship applications.  Create a profile and provide an email address.

Begin a personalized profile that will match a student’s specific skills, talents, interests, and abilities to the Scholarships.com database of over 600,000 college scholarship awards. Results delivered immediately online! A word of caution: Not all results will be scholarships; loans must be repaid, but scholarships are free money.

Other Informational Resources

Scholarship Scam Alert
This Federal web site provides valuable information to protect students in search of scholarship dollars.

To file a complaint, or for free information, students or parents should call 1.877.FTC.HELP (1.877.382.4357) or visit Scholarship Scams.

Tax Breaks for Higher Education— Federal tax credits for qualified individuals.