Dropping and Withdrawing from Dual Enrollment Classes

  • High school students who are enrolled in PDCCC courses given at a PDCCC campus or center, or online, should refer to PDCCC’s regular academic calendar for information about session start and end dates, and drop and withdrawal deadlines.
  • Students in Dual Enrollment courses given at their high school must begin the drop or withdrawal process through their high school guidance counselors.
  • When a student is dropped from a course, the course is removed from the transcript as if the student had never been enrolled in the course.
  • High Schools are not billed by PDCCC for dropped enrollments.
  • After the drop period has passed, a student wishing to leave a course must request a withdrawal. A withdrawal form must be signed by the student (or the parent, if the student is under 18) and the high school, then forwarded to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator for processing.
  • Withdrawals will show on the academic transcript as a W. This will not affect the student’s grade point average, but too many W’s on a transcript can eventually affect a student’s ability to receive financial aid or scholarships.
  • High Schools must pay the full agreed upon tuition for the withdrawn course.
  • After the last date for withdrawals, students will finish the course with a letter grade of A through F.

Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines Spring 2018

PDCCC Start Date Last Date to Request Add or Drop Last Date to Request Withdrawal Grades Due
18 Week Semester Schools:
Southampton Academy 1/2 1/24 4/1 5/31
Isle of Wight Academy 1/16 2/3 3/30 5/19
Lakeland High School 2/5 2/19 4/14 6/15
Kings Fork High School 2/5 2/19 4/14 6/15
Nansemond River HS 2/5 2/19 4/14 6/15
Pruden 2/5 2/19 4/14 6/15
9 Week Semester Schools:
Franklin High School 2/2 1st Term: 2/12 1st Term: 3/16 4/14
4/14 2nd Term: 4/23 2nd Term: 5/21 6/16
Southampton High School 2/6 1st Term: 2/20 1st Term: 3/11 4/6
4/6 2nd Term: 4/16 2nd Term: 5/16 6/13
Windsor High School 2/7 1st Term: 2/14 1st Term: 3/10 3/31
4/9 2nd Term: 4/19 2nd Term: 5/19 6/16
Smithfield High School 2/7 1st Term: 2/14 1st Term: 3/10 3/31
4/9 2nd Term: 4/19 2nd Term: 5/19 6/16

This information regards PDCCC deadlines. Individual high school deadlines for course adds and drops may be earlier than these dates, but can not be after these dates.