Dual Enrollment for Home Schooled Students

Dual Enrollment is also available for the home schooled student. A copy of a home school agreement approved by the school district, a letter from the local school board or a copy of the letter filed by the parent/legal guardian declaring home schooling for religious exemption must be provided. The students must also pass the College Placement Test. These students must meet similar requirements as other high school students.

Qualified home schooled students can take any of PDCCC’s courses for which they meet the course placement requirements and prerequisites.  PDCCC also offers College English with a Classical Approach, ENG 111 and ENG 112, specifically for home schooled students.

College English with a Classical Approach

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Enroll in an online freshman composition class through Paul D. Camp Community taught by a 22-year veteran homeschooling mother with a passion for teaching English from a classical perspective. This course is transferable to a four-year college. College Composition I taught fall semester emphasizes rhetoric and College Composition II taught spring semester trains students in dialectic discourse in argument.  Questions? Contact Mary Ellen Gleason at 757-569-6740 or mgleason@pdc.edu