Franklin High School Dual Enrollment Program

Franklin High SchoolFranklin High School

DE Partnership Guidance Counselors: Dr. Latoria Fleming and Ms. Ale Massenburg, Lead Counselor, FCPS

Career Coach: Ms. Candace Artis

Classes Expected for 2015-2016:
Biology 101 & 102
English 111 & 112
Political Science 211 & 212
Math 163 & 164 (Pre-Calculus I & II)

Career/Tech Programs
Fire Science
EMT Basic
Industrial Tech

Talk to your high school guidance counselor about enrolling in these courses.

A minimum high school grade point average of 2.75 is required for entry into the dual enrollment program at FHS.

FHS is partnering with PDCCC to provide its students with 100% tuition reimbursement for DE classes taken at the high school during regular hours. Students seeking a certificate or degree will need to take additional classes for which the regular tuition and fees of $144.65 per credit hour will apply.

Students interested in earning a certificate or degree through Paul D. Camp should contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Jeanette Pellegrin, at, or call her at (757) 569-6081, and declare the intent to seek a certificate or degree.

A suggested implementation plan showing required courses follows. Remember that this is only a guide, with suggested schedules per semester. Be sure to work with a PDCCC advisor if you are planning to earn a certificate or degree while a student in DE.