Southampton High School Dual Enrollment Program

SouthamptonDE Partnership Guidance Counselor: Ms. Millie Gardner

Career Coach: Ms. Candace Artis

Classes Expected for 2015-2016:

Biology 101 & 102
English 111 & 112
History 121 & 122
Math 163 & 164 (Pre-Calculus I & II)
Math 175 & 176 (Calculus I & II)

Career/Tech Programs
Fire Science
EMT Basic
Industrial Tech

Talk to your high school guidance counselor about enrolling in these courses.

Southampton High School is partnering with PDCCC to provide its students with 100% tuition reimbursement for DE classes taken at the high school during regular hours. Students seeking a certificate or degree will need to take additional classes for which the regular tuition and fees of $144.65 per credit hour will apply.

Students interested in earning a certificate or degree through Paul D. Camp should contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Jeanette Pellegrin, at, or call her at (757) 569-6081, and declare the intent to seek a certificate or degree.

A suggested implementation plan showing required courses follows. Remember that this is only a guide, with suggested schedules per semester. Be sure to work with a PDCCC advisor if you are planning to earn a certificate or degree while a student in DE.