Suffolk Schools Dual Enrollment Program

Kings ForkKing’s Fork High School
DE Partnership Guidance Counselor: Ms. Renea Coley

Career Coach: Mr. Daryl Savage

Classes Expected for 2015-2016:
Math 163 & 164 (Pre-Calculus I and II)
Psychology 201 & 202

LakelandLakeland High School
DE Partnership Guidance Counselors: Ms. Sheila Williams & Mr. Dwight Faison

Career Coach: Ms. Jacqueline Matthews

Classes Expected for 2015-2016:
Biology 101 & 102
US History 121 & 122 (US History I and II)
Math 163 & 164 (Pre-Calculus I and II)
Psychology 201 & 202

Nansemond RiverNansemond River High School
DE Partnership Guidance Counselor: Ms. Mary-Linda Cruey

Career Coach: Ms. Esther Harrell

Classes Expected for 2015-2016:
English 111 & 112 (English Composition I and II)
Math 163 & 164 (Pre-Calculus I and II)
Psychology 201 & 202

Talk to your high school guidance counselor about enrolling in these courses. Courses must meet minimum enrollment criteria; courses with low enrollment will be canceled. In some cases, opportunities exist for a student from one high school to take a class at another high school; ask your guidance counselor if this is a possibility.

Suffolk schools is partnering with PDCCC to provide its students with 100% tuition reimbursement for DE classes taken at the high school during regular hours, however, additional fees of $50 per course per semester is assessed by the Suffolk School District in order to defray textbooks and technology costs. This fee is to be paid directly to the high school.

Students seeking a certificate or degree will need to take additional classes at PDCCC, for which the regular tuition and fees of $144.65 per credit hour will apply. In some cases, Suffolk schools will give a student dual credit for courses taken at PDCCC during the summer or after school hours. Arrangements for these reverse-transfer courses must be made with the high school before enrollment in the college course. Some of these courses are listed below:

PLS 211 & 212 US Government I & II
ENG 111 & 112 College Composition I & II
MTH 163 & 164 Pre-Calculus I & II
MTH 175 & 176 Calculus I & II
ITE 115 & 215 Intro. to Computer Apps. & Advanced Computer Apps.
BIO 101 & 102 General Biology I & II
CHM 111 & 112 College Chemistry I & II
PSY 201 & 202 Intro. to Psychology I & II
HIS 121 & 122 US History I & II
HIS 101 & 102 History of Western Civilization I & II
ART 101 & 102 History and Appreciation of Art I & II

Students interested in earning a certificate or degree through Paul D. Camp should contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Jeanette Pellegrin, at, or call her at (757) 569-6081, and declare the intent to seek a certificate or degree.

A suggested implementation plan showing required courses follows. Remember that this is only a guide, with suggested schedules per semester. Be sure to work with a PDCCC advisor if you are planning to earn a certificate or degree while a student in DE.