Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) program

Green Mountain Coffee RoastersThe students are as follows, starting from the bottom left and going around the table in a clockwise direction: Eddie Martin, Michael Cale, John Britt, John McBee, Robert Barrett, Chad Jones, Pender Hathaway, Darwin Regalado
This program is designed for employees of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR). Students were given specialized electrical technology training with the intention of increasing efficiency at the worksite. Specifically the students took the following five classes: ETR 193 Studies in Electrical Engineering Technology, ELE 150 AC and DC Circuit Fundamentals, ELE 193 Studies in Electrical Safety Codes, ELE 216 Industrial Electricity and ETR 293 Studies in Programmable Controllers. The first two classes were taught at PDCCC and the last three classes were taught at GMCR in Windsor. Classes were taught twice a week starting in December of 2014 and finishing in November of 2015. GMCR has implemented this program at two other plants and they are making attendance/completion of this program mandatory for all of their maintenance technicians if they want to be promoted from a maintenance tech I to a maintenance tech II.
This program also represents how PDCCC formed an industry partnership with GMCR. PDCCC had to collaborate with Pellissippi State Community College, founder of this program, and GMCR to bring together management and labor around the common purpose of improving the competitiveness and efficiency of GMCR products and services.