Humanities students at Paul D. Camp Community College try their hand at spear throwing

group demonstrationPaul D. Camp Community College Humanities 211 students Adriene Muhammad, above from left, adjunct instructor Felice Hancock, Jennifer Griffin and Daena Mousso, watch a demonstration this week from William Hancock, local historian and artifact replication specialist, on how to launch a spear using his reproduction atlatl, which increases the force and distance of the weapon. Hunters would have used the atlatl to take down game from afar from around 3000 to 1200 B.C. in Virginia, according to Felice, who is also volunteer chairman of the Western Tidewater Humanities Council. Standing with them is Dr. Michael Barber, right, state archaeologist with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, who presented the prehistory of Western Tidewater to the summer class designed for educators. The students practiced using the “ancient weapon,” Felice said. “They had a great time in their efforts, but admitted they would starve without much more practice.”Bill Hancock demonstrates