PDCCC and JP King Jr. Middle School Volunteer Program

A Commitment

Paul D. Camp Community College’s Student Government Association (SGA) and President’s Advisory Council (PAC) are leading the way for all PDCCC students, faculty, and staff to become involved in supporting J.P. King Jr. Middle School.
J.P. King, Jr. Middle School Mission Statement:
The mission of J. P. King, Jr. Middle School, in partnership with our community, is to create responsible citizens and lifelong learners in a challenging and safe environment.
Paul D. Camp Community College Mission Statement:
Paul D. Camp Community College provides diverse learning opportunities to enhance the quality of life for students and the community.
Our Commitment to working together:
There is a national “Adopt a School” initiative that this project is modeled after. Randy Roth, President of Faith Network, a leader in such projects, defines the goals as follows:
“The concept is simple: local organizations offer resources to public schools as an act of community service with “no strings attached”. The ultimate goal of the school adoption program is healthy and whole students who have acquired the skills and attitudes that will maximize their full potential and enhance their participation as responsible members of society.” The responsibility of the adoptive group is to recruit volunteers, mobilize available resources and, most importantly, nurture an ongoing relationship with their adopted school.
Volunteer web site for J.P. King Jr. Middle School: http://www.fcpsva.org/index.php/jpk-volunteer
Goals of the program:
PDCCC students, faculty, staff and administrators will collectively support the following:

  • A minimum of 100 hours of volunteering, including tutoring and other services, by the end of the 2015 school year
  • Monetary support for rewards such as pizza parties, refreshments, recognitions suggested by teachers
  • Recognition awards from our Bookstore
  • Visits from our Career Development Coaches for career exploration days
  • PDCCC Success Coach presentation on study skills and other success strategies
  • Technology support from our IT professionals for students and teachers. Donate surplus computers and other electronic equipment by state guidelines.
  • Support from our Upward Bound program and students as role models
  • Visits from our High School Career Coaches for help with Virginia Wizard and educational planning