Justice for local PDCCC alum’s dreams

Lt_Wyche“My degree was always a dream and something I wanted to pursue,” said PDCCC alumnus Josh Wyche. With a family, church, community involvement, and a full-time job at the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office, his plate was pretty full. “Like most people, I procrastinated,” admitted Wyche. Going back to school at age 52 was daunting.
Now captain of the Patrol Division, Wyche credits his PDCCC degree in helping him move up the ranks. “Attaining my degree made me a better candidate when being considered for a promotion,” said Wyche. “It also prepared me to handle the daily challenges that come with my current position.”
He decided to bite the bullet and go back to school after talking with now-retired PDCCC faculty member, Ron Osborne, during a visit at the Sheriff’s Office. “It gave me the push I needed,” he said. He knew it would be a challenge. He was a husband, father, grandfather, full-time employee, involved in his church and community and a member of a gospel singing group. Adding classes, studying and homework to the mix were quite an undertaking. Naturally, there were moments where he felt overwhelmed.
“My personal determination to accomplish my dream and my Marine training had a great deal to do with me completing what I had started,” said Wyche. Plus, Sheriff Jack Stutts’ support and motivation helped him push forward when balancing everything. “He assured me ‘you can still accomplish your goal, even when you are ready to throw in the towel,’” Wyche recalls.
Accomplishing his goal is an understatement – Josh Wyche graduated summa cum laude (with highest honors) in 2013, earning an administration of justice degree. Thankful to the instructors at both the Franklin and Suffolk campuses, he found them all eager to teach, which, in turn, “made me eager to learn.”
Wyche chose the community college for many reasons. The convenient location, the college’s interest in the success of its students, the varied curriculum and “feeling like you are cared for” top his list. Fulfilled by his accomplishments, proud of the college and pleased to be a role model for his family, Wyche is honored to serve the people of Southampton County.
“I’ve risen through the ranks and am now a captain,” he said. “I have shown my children and grandchildren that you should always set goals for yourself and that it is never too late to accomplish them. Quitting is never an option!”