Other Library Services FAQ

Other Library Services: Questions and answers

What do I need to use the library’s computers?

All PDCCC students may use the computers in the library during any open hours of operation.

For community patrons to use the LRC computers, they must provide a copy of a valid photo ID. ID copies are kept on file behind the LRC circulation desk and are purged periodically throughout the year based on frequency of use. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with valid photo ID.

  • PDCCC students take priority over community patrons in regard to computer usage in the library.

Please see the Library Code of Conduct Agreement for more information regarding the use of the library’s computers.

How do I logon to the library’s computers?

PDCCC students, faculty, and staff:

  • You will need to use your MyVCCS user name and password (also used to access Blackboard) to log on to the library’s computers.

Community Patrons:

  • One of the members of the library staff will log you on to the library’s computers.

What devices can be used to save data on the library’s computers?

Since data should not be saved to the computer’s hard drive, data may be saved on a floppy disk, CD, or flash drive/jump drive.

What do I need to know about taking tests in the library?

PDCCC students may take tests in the library as long as they present their PDCCC student ID. Each test provided by the instructor is monitored by the LRC staff to ensure the testing guidelines set forth by the professor are being followed.

Library staff can also serve as proctors for non-PDCCC students. Prior approval must be obtained from both the library and testing student’s college.

Can I watch videos/DVDs in the library?

To view videos or DVDs in the library, the student or community patron may use the video station(s) provided by the library.

Is there a policy for using headphones in the library?

Headphones must be used in the library to reduce the noise heard by other patrons. You may use a set brought from home, or you may purchase a pair of the library’s headphones for $2.00.

Can I make copies in the library?


  • No charge for copies of journals/magazines, reserve materials, or reference materials from the library (*Please be selective; limit yourself to 20 copies)
  • All other copies of materials cost $.25 per page


  • Each copy costs $.25 per page

What is the library’s policy about cell phones?

Cell phones must be turned to vibrate or turned off completely before entering the library to maintain a quiet environment for the patrons.

If you need to make a phone call or answer your phone, please do so outside the library’s doors. No patron should be talking on their cell phone within the library.