Practical Nursing Application

Attention Practical Nursing Applicants

In order to fulfill the requirements of the application process; the following documents are required, and your complete application packet must be hand delivered to the Nursing Department on the Franklin Campus before the application deadline: the first Friday in May (Friday, May 1, 2020); the deadline to take any Nursing Entrance Exam is Friday, April 24, 2020; Camp offers the HESI Entrance Exam.

Applying to the program does not guarantee admission into the program.

After submitting your application; you are advised to immediately complete your FASA:

Students who are accepted into the Practical Nursing Program for Fall 2020 will be required to attend a mandatory bootcamp; date to be determined.

  1. A hard copy of your Practical Nursing application that you submitted online
  2. A hard copy of your current passing Nursing Entrance Exam scores from: September 2019-4/24/2020 from any Nursing Program Entrance Exam: HESI, ATI TEAS or Kaplan; scores must be national norm for that particular entrance exam; for the HESI Entrance Exam: Practical Nursing Applicants: scoring at least a 76% or above in English Composite Category: which includes: Reading Comprehension and Grammar; 68% or above in Math Category and 60% or above in the Science Composite Category: which includes: Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology.
  3. Official Transcripts
    • GED
    • High School
    • Community College (with the exception of Camp Community College)
    • University or trade school
  4. Copy of your professional license if applicable: Certified Nurse Aide, or Medication Aide for example
  5. Current AHA CPR Certification for Health Care Providers
  6. Evidence of attendance to the mandatory advising session with Ms. Taylor, Nursing and Allied Health Academic Advisor

Application for Admission to the PDCCC PN Program

PDCCC History: Please answer yes or no

  • If you have not taken classes at PDCCC within the last three years, you should complete a new Application to the College and take the placement tests again

Educational Background


  • CNA

  • LPN

  • # 1 College/ Higher Ed.

  • #2 College/ Higher Ed.

Previous Work Experience

  • Explain.
  • (illness, use of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or chemicals)? Explain.
  • (Moral turpitude is a legal concept that refers to "conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals). Explain.
  • I certify that this information is accurate and complete. I understand that giving incomplete or false information is grounds for denial of the application. I authorize Paul D. Camp Community College to request such information as necessary to verify my qualifications/suitability for the Nursing Program for which I have applied. I hereby release from all liability or damage those individuals who provide information related to my education or character and waive any rights of inspection of such information.

    Nursing students are involved in the provision of direct patient care in medical facilities. Certain medical facilities require all nursing students to have a Virginia State Police criminal history and sex offender’s crimes against minors background investigation completed prior to the provision of patient care. Some facilities may also require drug testing for nursing students. Any student found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony prior to or during nursing education will be required to request an Exemption from Disqualification from each of the medical facilities to which they may be assigned during the program. If an exemption is not granted by the medical facility, the student will be unable to complete the requirements for the nursing program, and will not be permitted to progress through the program. Students will be required to submit similar documentation to the Virginia Board of Nursing when making application to take the registered nursing exam in Virginia. The Board of Nursing can deny licensure to any applicant who has filed false credentials, who has falsely represented facts on the application for licensure, and/ or who has committed a felony or misdemeanor. In addition, certain health care facilities may not hire individuals who have committed a felony or misdemeanor.

    I understand that the responsibility for providing all transcripts and documentations to the nursing office lies with the applying student. Failure to provide required documents will be grounds for non-acceptance. I understand that the following documents are required:

    1. Official transcripts from high school or GED scores, colleges, and other higher education facilities

    2. Evidence of U.S. citizenship or authorization to reside in the United States