Advanced Placement Program

Degree: Associate in Applied Science in Nursing (ADN)

Length of Program: One year involving 4 Semesters: Spring, Summer, Fall and Spring

The concept of our Advanced Placement Program is articulation between the knowledge and skills that a Licensed Practical Nurse has acquired and the scope of practice of the Registered Nurse. It is intended to allow licensed practical nurses an opportunity for educational advancement. Upon completion of the program, graduates have met the educational requirements necessary to be eligible to take the national examination for registered nurse licensure, the NCLEX-RN.

The first two semesters will contain units in maternity and newborn, medical surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing as well as cardiac, renal, and emergency nursing. The last semester will be very much the same as the final semester of the regular RN program which includes parent/child nursing, advanced medical surgical nursing, as well as a Preceptorship and a course on the professional elements of nursing.

Below is the Information Packet and an Electronic Application Form. By entering the two digits electronically on the application, you are also stating that you have read the information packet and agree to abide by the requirements specified.

Advanced Placement Application

Advanced Placement Information

The passage rates for PDCCC Nursing Program for the past 5 years

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
RN Program 88% 80% 86.7% 82.35% 76.8%
LPN-RN Bridge Program 66.7% 90% 87.5% 100% 70%