An exit interview with a nursing faculty member or the program head is required of all students who withdraw. Students who withdraw because of academic failure may not re-enroll more than once. Any student wishing to re-enroll in nursing courses must have at least a 2.5 cumulative and curricular grade point averages at PDCCC to be considered. Re-enrollment must occur within one year to maintain nursing course credits.

A student who wishes to re-enter the nursing curriculum must follow the procedure outlined in the Nursing Student Handbook. The student may be required to enroll in and satisfactory complete specific courses before admission. Students will have to demonstrate certain competencies and meet health and clinical requirements to be considered for re-enrollment.

The nursing faculty will consider each student’s application for readmission and the decision to readmit will be based on additional data, prior performance in the nursing program, and space availability. Students who fail a nursing course or withdraw for any reason from the nursing program may be readmitted to the nursing program only once. Students who have failed two nursing courses will not be re-enrolled. All re-admissions are at the discretion of nursing faculty.