RN Registered Nursing

The RN Program

Degree: Associate in Applied Science in Nursing (AAS-Nursing)

Length of Program: Two year involving 4 Semesters

The concept of our program is to provide an opportunity for those interested in a nursing career to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience of the scope of practice of the Registered Nurse. Upon completion of the program, graduates have met the educational requirements necessary to be eligible to take the national examination for registered nurse licensure, the NCLEX-RN.

Below is the Information Packet and an Electronic Application Form. By entering the two digits electronically on the application, you are also stating that you have read the information packet and agree to abide by the requirements specified.

Registered Nursing Program Application Form

Registered Nursing Program Information

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The passage rates for PDCCC Nursing Program for the past 5 years

Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
RN Program 80% 86.67% 82.35% 74.07% 77.27%
LPN-RN Bridge Program 90% 87.5% 100% 70% Combined

Per regulation 18 VAC 90-27-210 (B) of the Virginia Board of Nursing, PDCCC’s ADN program is on Conditional Approval.

The ADN/RN program has been awarded accreditation through Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
Atlanta Georgia 30326

Associate Degree Nursing Program RN Retention Rates

Program Retention 2009-2010
Retained in 2010-2011
Retained in
Retained in
Retained in
Retained in
5-Year Average
Nursing 78% 68% 69% 68% 69% 71%

Associate Degree Nursing Program RN Graduation Rates

Year Traditional RN Program LPN-RN Program
2014 50% 75%
2015 56.7% 44.4%
2016 75% 81.3%

PDCCC three-year mean:

  • 60.6% Traditional
  • 66.9% LPN-RN
  • 63.8% combined programs

The data below represents the percentages of those nursing graduates who were employed within or six months of their graduation.

Spring 2014 Spring 2015 Spring 2016 Spring 2017
Nursing 87%
Employers Bon Secours Richmond, Heartland Employment Services, United Church Ret Home Inc., Southampton Memorial Hospital, Kindred Nursing Center, Sentara Healthcare, Amor Correctional Health, Maryview Hospital, Sentara Obici Amb Surgery, Correctional Medical Services Inc., Medical Facilities of America, Care Advantage Medical Management Service Inc., Family First Home Care, Sentara Healthcare, Renal Treatment Center, Riverside Regional Medical Center, Amor Correctional Health Medical Management Service Inc, Franklin Hospital Corp, Sentara Healthcare, Children’s Hospital of the King Daughter, Care Advantage, Windsor Facility Operations, Chesapeake Hospital, Better Care Family Homes Armor Correctional Health, Bio Medical Applications, Franklin Hospital Corp, Maryview Hospital, Sentara Healthcare, The Village at Woods Edge
Quarterly Wages Range $4,005 to $17,463 $1,710 to $18,846 $422 to $18,618 $2,503 to $16,858

SCHEV Productivity: The Nursing program meets the SCHEV three year productivity standards for both enrollment and graduates. The SCHEV productivity standards are based on the size (FTE) of the college and the type of degree program and certificate. The standard for AAS Health Technologies programs is 7 FTE and 5 graduates.