Paul D. Camp Community College holds educational event for Practical Nursing students

The Paul D. Camp Community College Nursing Department and Office of Student Activities sponsored an educational event for the Practical Nursing program students on the Hobbs Suffolk Campus on July 9 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Attendance was mandatory, but casual, and was focused on providing students with fun learning activities, collaboration building exercises and content review. Lunch was provided outside, where there were fun things to do, such as balloon shaving and sack races.

blacklight webThe use of a blacklight and Glo-Germ revealed whether hands were washed properly during one exercise.

paperwork webLaShay Johnson, left, and Dewanda Brown conduct head-to-toe assessments based on “complaints” and other data collected.

PN students donning masksCynthia Thibeault, left, and Christie McClenny practice the proper way to put on and take off personal protective equipment.

PN students in sim labUrsula Sutton and Bryce Lawrence prepare a bed bath for the “patient” in the sim lab.