Paul D. Camp Community College Nursing Student Adopts Middle School

PDCCC_Taylor and Edwards webRoslyn Taylor, PDCCC registered nursing student, from left, and Mallory Edwards, Georgie D. Tyler Middle School nurse, share in the joy of announcing the Adopt-a-School campaign.
Shortly after completing a required community service project, Roslyn Taylor, president of the Paul D. Camp Community College Registered Nursing Program Class of 2016, seized the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children by adopting Georgie D. Tyler Middle School in Windsor.
In the nursing program, students have actual hours of shift work called clinical rotations in which they shadow licensed registered nurses at local community events, schools, and healthcare facilities. “These experiences allow us to gain knowledge and acquire the nursing skills we need when we enter the workforce,” said Taylor.
This semester during her pediatric nursing course, Taylor shadowed Mallory Edwards, the school nurse at GTMS. “As she and I were getting acquainted, she said something that struck a chord in me,” said Taylor. “She told me that she starts each day doing the laundry. I was amazed when she told me her office was equipped with washers and dryers.”
Every day, Edwards provides clean clothes “for students who are either growing out of their clothes and parents cannot afford to buy new, or when accidents happen and parents cannot be reached,” said Taylor.
She added that school nurses also provide healthy snacks because students either missed breakfast or have medical conditions such as diabetics.
“I was really touched by school nurses who step so far outside of their professional titles to provide holistic care for these children,” Taylor said. She believes in Florence Nightingale’s theory of holistic nursing, which involves treating the entire person, not just the illness. “After experiencing first-hand the selflessness of school nurses, I can honestly say I no longer take their job as lightly as I once did,” she said. Edwards’s acts of kindness moved the class president to adopt the school so that PDCCC students and staff could donate items. “She was elated,” said Taylor.
Taylor proposed the idea that each semester the nursing students could adopt a school, find out the school’s individual needs, collect donations, and present them to the school nurse at the end of the semester. This was the foundation that began the Adopt-a-School Campaign. “I figured that in a combined effort with the faculty and students at the college, it would be a great legacy to continue in years to come,” said Taylor.
With the support of the PDCCC nursing faculty, Taylor’s idea became a reality. She is collecting donations of clothing and healthy snacks in a collection box located in the corridor of the nursing offices at the college. Taylor will present the donations to Georgie D. Tyler Middle School on April 29. “I know without a shadow of a doubt that we can promote wellness and pay it forward by being change agents for our community,” she said.
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