Paul D. Camp Community College President Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Dr Conco' s Ice Bucket Challenge
Paul Wm. Conco, Ph.D., President of Paul D. Camp Community College, accepted an icy challenge today to raise awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The Ice Bucket Challenge, made by Carol Wright, Associate Professor of Nursing, and Dr. Renee Felts, Dean of the Franklin Campus/Occupational/Technical programs, was also set to raise funds for a local firefighter that has this neurodegenerative disease. Dousing Dr. Conco in front of the College is Nelda Bellamy, Executive Secretary to the Vice President of Academic and Student Development, left, and Trina Jones, Dean of Student Services and Counselor. Dr. Conco then challenged Dr. Carl Sweat, Coordinator of PDCCC at Smithfield, Dr. Justin Oliver, Interim Dean of Transfer Programs and the Hobbs Suffolk Campus, and Randy Betz, Vice President of the Division of Workforce Development to follow suit by getting a cold soaking, making a donation or both. Conco is also making donations to both the local firefighter and the National ALS Association.
Dr Edenfield ice ice baby
This is a new twist on taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Raising awareness and funds for ALS, Dr. Joe Edenfield also challenged Troop 17 and all of the VCCS VPs.