Paul D. Camp Community College’s Division of Workforce Development launches Manufacturing Technician Certification

Classes will be available beginning in May for a new certification at Paul D. Camp Community College. The Division of Workforce Development will offer Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) certification, which will train participants on the critical competencies required for modern manufacturing production and production-related occupations.
Coordinator Bob Hayes said, “Instruction will focus on critical actions; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) knowledge; systems; and processes necessary to participate in an advanced manufacturing enterprise. Activities will include a concentration on math and measurement; quality and continuous improvement practices; and advanced manufacturing processes and controls.”
The class will provide participants with the development of high performance skills through demonstrations, lectures, self-paced studies, labs, technical presentations, use of proxy technology, critical thinking, problem solving and individual/group activities.
Many manufacturing employers report difficulty in finding qualified workers to fill their industry-specific needs. There are three factors contributing to the lack of skilled workers. They are the increase in technology required for manufacturing, the retirement of existing workers, and the competition for talent.
“The Manufacturing Skills Institute, which set the national skills standards for MT1 certification in 2009, is partnering with PDCCC to provide this baseline credential program in the Hampton Roads and Western Tidewater area,” Hayes said. “It will provide training to address identified technical skill gaps and provide a pathway to advanced level training and specialized training based on industry requirements for potential new hires and incumbent employees.”
The MT1 program will address the core competency areas of math and measurement; spatial reasoning and manufacturing technology, and business acumen and quality, for skilled production occupations in all sectors of manufacturing.
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