Paul D. Camp Community students awarded scholarships for spring 2019

Tori Ricks Joyce Davis Kermit HobbsRecipient of the Ryan L. Kirkland Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students, Tori Ricks of Franklin, from left, Joyce Davis and O. Kermit Hobbs Jr. enjoy food and conversation during the reception.
Paul D. Camp Community College students were selected for more than $4,500 in scholarships for the spring 2019 semester.
“We are thankful that we have so many in the community who believe in our mission and goals,” said Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Workforce Development Dr. Renee Felts. Felts also serves as executive director of the PDCCC Foundation which oversees the scholarships. “We can never do too much to help our students succeed.”
The following students received awards for the upcoming semester:

  • William J. Gay of Isle of Wight County-Kiwanas Club of Smithfield Scholarship
  • Dawson J. Stevens of Franklin-Perry R. Adams Scholarshp
  • Kirsta D. Rose of Isle of Wight County-Woman’s Club of Smithfield Scholarship
  • Keshonta T. Banks of Suffolk-Matthews & Reed Nursing Scholarship and the Col. Lula B. Holland, US Army (Ret.), MSW, BSN, AA Scholarship
  • David R. Claud Jr. of Franklin-Jim Lassiter PDCCC Scholarship
  • Tamra E. Boone of Southampton County-Kings Fork Woman’s Club of Suffolk Scholarship
  • Megan E. Hatfield of Southampton County-Bertella C. Westbrook Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students
  • Victoria A. Kouassi of Isle of Wight County-Connie Patterson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Tori M. Ricks of Franklin-Ryan L. Kirkland Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students
  • Bonnie B. Burns of Franklin-Karen Phillips Chase Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Whitney H. Gibson of Franklin-Jim Lassiter PDCCC Scholarship
  • Olivia A. Smith of Suffolk- Woman’s Club of Smithfield Scholarship

A reception was held recently to celebrate both the fall 2018 and spring 2019 recipients, donors and namesakes. The fall recipients names and awards were published in September 2018.
Scholarships for the fall 2019 semester will also open on Wednesday, Feb. 20, and will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27. Scholarships are available for new and continuing students, graduating high schools seniors, and high school dual enrollment students for fall 2019. For more information or to apply, visit

The BoycesDr. Douglas W. Boyce, who served as PDCCC President from 2002 to 2010, and his wife, Grace, attended the event. The Boyces, along with their family and friends, fund a scholarship in memory of Donald C. Boyce, who was a dedicated elementary school teacher.