PDCCC students can earn Career Studies Certificates in less than one year

~ Classes begin Monday, January 9, 2017 ~

Where do you see yourself in less than a year? If you think you can’t train for a new position in that amount of time, think again.
Paul D. Camp Community College officials know that as far as academic goals go, a two-year degree does not suit everyone. That’s why the college offers Career Studies Certificates (CSC), including two new programs for spring 2017.
The General Business and Customer Service CSCs both allow students to transition directly into the workforce. Even better, they may be attained in less than a year’s time.
“Not everyone’s goals are set to complete a full two-year degree at a community college,” said Dean of Occupational and Technical Programs Antoinette “Toni” Johnson. “The Career Studies Certificate allows a quicker turnaround for those seeking employment and helps area business leaders get skilled labor to fill their job openings.”
Students completing the Career Studies Certificate in General Business are qualified to apply for positions such as sales representative, sales manager, department manager, marketing manager, supervisor, administrative assistant, human resources analyst, bookkeeper and independent shop owner/manager.
Some of the courses students will take to attain the certificate are:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Introduction to Presentation Software
  • Principles of Advertising

“In addition to the obvious benefits of completing this CSC,” said Johnson, “is that the program is stackable, meaning these classes can be applied to the Business or Marketing Management associate degrees.”
Students completing the Career Studies Certificate in Customer Service are qualified for jobs as customer service representatives, sales representatives, sales managers, clerks, telemarketers and retail salespersons.
Some of the courses students will take to complete this program are:

  • Introduction to Communications
  • Business Etiquette
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Consumer Behavior

According to Johnson, the General Business CSC is designed to prepare students for employment in business and to upgrade skills for individuals already employed in business professions.
The Customer Service CSC program is designed for individuals seeking a basic knowledge of business skills and to enhance the skills of the workforce at large.
Johnson said, “Both programs were developed to meet community needs and are financial aid eligible as well.”
For more information, contact Johnson at 757-569-6772 or ajohnson@pdc.edu.