PDCCC Upward Bound students receive funds from Suffolk Education Foundation

Travis W. Parker, director of the TRIO Upward Bound program at Paul D. Camp Community College, was awarded $3,750 from the Suffolk Education Foundation (SEF) to assist dual enrollment students with the cost of tuition this summer for 15 Lakeland High School students, who are enrolled in the Upward Bound program. Thanks to the grant funds, each student will receive $250 toward their outstanding tuition balance for the summer semester.
The Upward Bound Program serves 50+ eligible students from Franklin, Lakeland and Southampton high schools. Students receive academic advising and coaching, help with SAT and ACT applications and testing. In addition, they learn study skills, tour colleges, receive tutoring if needed, participate in hands-on learning projects, and are exposed to opportunities for community service.
“The program consists of Saturday sessions at PDCCC’s two campuses throughout the school year and counseling and academic sessions at the three area high schools throughout the academic year. Also, there is a six-week summer program at PDCCC on the Franklin campus for all participants,” Parker said.
This summer, a total of 27 Upward Bound students plan to take college level courses such as three-credit transfer classes Introduction to Computer Applications Concepts (ITE 115) and humanities elective Film Appreciation (CST 151). In both classes, the high school students receive college-level rigor as they learn from PDCCC instructors. Their goal is to complete a general education certificate or general studies associate’s degree while in high school.
“The primary purpose of TRIO programs is to prepare students for successful entry into and completion of postsecondary education. TRIO services are designed to improve academic performance, increase student motivation, and facilitate the transition from one level of education to the next,” said Parker.
For more information about Upward Bound, contact Parker at 757-569-6764.