Presidential Search Community Feedback

The search for Paul D. Camp Community College’s new president has entered its final phase! During this first week of May, the College is hosting four finalists on campus. Students, faculty, staff, administrators, board members, community members, community leaders, and alumni are invited to provide feedback on each of the candidates. Your candid feedback is an important part of the presidential selection process. Your confidential responses will be shared with, and considered by, the PDCCC Local College Board.

The priorities for presidential leadership and desired qualifications of presidential candidates outlined in the official presidential vacancy announcement provide a framework for your assessment of each candidate’s ability to lead PDCCC.

The College seeks a leader to help the community achieve its new strategic vision. The strategic plan includes the following priorities:

  1. Programs – encompassing both credit and non-credit programs that meet the needs of students, employers, and the community; and the services and resources provided by the college to help to recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate students in those programs.
  2. Partnerships – encompassing those formal and informal agreements and shared activities, within the scope of the College’s Mission, that promote efficiency, effectiveness, growth and improvement of the College’s programs and services, and the quality of life for students and the community served by the college.
  3. Productivity – referring to the College’s actions and impact relative to the metrics by which the College’s success is measured and, to some extent, by which the College is funded. Productivity includes enrollment, retention, completion (graduation and credentials), grants and fundraising, and other indicators of vitality, growth and improvement.

A link to a survey for each candidate is below. Please provide feedback for those candidates you had an opportunity to meet and/or interact with during their campus visit. Candidates are listed in the order in which they visited campus.

Candidate 1: Dr. Kristen Westover survey

Candidate 2: Dr. Pamela Haney survey

Candidate 3: Dr. Daniel Lufkin survey

Candidate 4: Dr. Mark Smith survey

All surveys will remain open through noon Friday, May 6, 2016.

If you have questions about the surveys, please contact Damay Bullock (