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Paul D. Camp Community College Launches New College Video:

Changing Lives In Our Communities

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(Franklin, VA)— “The impact education has on people, the community and businesses is infinite,” said Dr. Paul Wm. Conco, President of Paul D. Camp Community College (PDCCC). The College premiered Changing Lives in Our Community, a documentary of PDCCC’s history, student successes, and the community that has grown the College to what it is today.
Getting started – or restarted – on a college education is a recurring trend in community colleges across the nation. A movement that is being led by traditional and non-traditional (above 35 and 40) students alike; all wanting to change their stations in life, switch careers, or get started on their futures. “We have as high a percentage of non-traditional students as we do 18 year olds,” says Felicia Blow, Vice President of Institutional Advancement.
A report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development states that across the developed world, someone who has graduated from a two or four year college earns about 57% more that someone with only a high school diploma.
“We focus on each student to change their lives for the better; and, a quality education can help make that happen,” said Dr. Conco.
PDCCC’s goal is to make college affordable and accessible. The College offers scholarships, grants, work study and a host of other options, including a dual enrollment program for eligible high schoolers. The 1-year general studies certificate basically serves as the first year of college and can transferred virtually anywhere in the country. Courses can be taken in Franklin, Suffolk, Smithfield and online.
Community colleges offer quality education, flexible schedules and more affordable tuition. “A family can save an average of $50,000 by choosing a 2-year college for the first two years of their child’s education,” emphasized Blow.
Changing Lives In Our Community was funded through special grants. To view the video click or
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